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Are they earthenware pots of some kind?
I'd guess subframe/suspension bushings.

On topic: bought dosbox & PSX emulators for Android, much funs to be had!
I needed to upgrade, so since the mobile company had a good deal for Samsung Galaxy S2, I whent on and chosed that deal

The S2 is such a good phone. There are a couple of small things I would change about it (proximity sensor is too close to the notification bar during a call, no notification LED) but given the quality of the screen and the camera, and how slim and light it is, I still think it's the best phone I've ever tried. I also love having Swype as an option.
Swype can be a curse sometimes. You expect all devices to have it. But they don't. Have you updated yours to ICS yet? The face recognition to unlock is handy, but a bit hit/miss.
Best android app I've found is Google Skymap.
I turned off face recognition because I got sick of the sight of my own stupid face.
Quote from Matrixi :I'd guess subframe/suspension bushings.

front strut mount rubber&bearings
Quote from thisnameistaken :I turned off face recognition because I got sick of the sight of my own stupid face.

Same here but I don't know how I got your picture. Lol
Quote from dadge :Same here but I don't know how I got your picture. Lol

One step closer to track day.
Quote from Agniz :

I realy like how u threat your e36 , your defo going right way. Thumbs up
for polyblabla bushes i would recommend the rear subframe reinforcment to be done!
so tempted... this Irish guy with a G25 for £90 is taking his time and he's saved it for me aswell though :/
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Front/rear indicators...

Side repeaters...


Number plate lights...

Next job will be to wire up the angel eyes that i never knew it had until today, looks pretty basic, just wire into the sidelight circuit, shouldnt be too bad.
what kit u getting? i can help do it nicely
If you mean the angel eyes, then they are already fitted, the guy i bought it from never even realised they were there, it was only when i was investigating what fitment of headlight bulbs it has that i found the wiring tucked neatly away behind the lights, 2 3 pin female ended sockets each side, coming directly out of each light lense, cant find a good picture of the connector i mean online so this is the nearest thing i can find, imagine this connector, but a bit slimmer, and black, plus there isnt a cable in the middle hole, just the 2 wires.

ah i see. than you'll just have to ground the black or brown wire,and just solder the red or yellow to the parking lights,just make sure with a test light its not the blinker
A set of (fr+r) slotted Brembo brake discs with OE brakepads all for 370 $
Going to Hungaroring on sept 24th,but also in need of new brakes soon anyway.

$191.99 with $3.99 overnight shipping.
Quote from imthebestracerthereis :Finally!

$191.99 with $3.99 overnight shipping.

Oh my, that's cheap, £123 pounds! i shoulda got this but im buying a G25 from an Irish guy for about £100 with delivery. I looked on Amazon just now, G27's are £200 to buy from amazon UK, ow

Anyway i bought 3 of Theese costing a total of £4.32 to replace my 2 multicolored side fans (ew) and i dont have a fan at the back of my pc.

Oh yeah and also: ... reetBallBlackWhiteXXL.jpg
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Ehrlund EAP contact microphone and preamp. Sick of using piezo systems for live double bass stuff (after a weekend of festivals and a nightmare trying to get a decent sound on various stages) so I'm giving this a punt. Apparently it can sound amazing if you find the sweet spot on your instrument, remains to be seen how resistant to feedback it is though. :/

Quote from G!NhO :Nice! Schmidt moderlines

Thanks =) I would've used my old set but they were only 15"!

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