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VW Scirocco release plan
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VW Scirocco release plan
Hello LFS Racers.

We are pleased to announce that we plan to release the new VW Scirocco in Live for Speed during the week ending Friday 19th December.

If you'd like to have a look at the car in 3D or start working on a skin...

CMX Viewer : (26 MB)

For a preview of the car inside LFS you can watch a presentation video made by Victor van Vlaardingen.

- Watch instantly on YouTube :
- Low resolution AVI (19 MB)
- High resolution AVI (47 MB) ...
- Best resolution MKV (51 MB - does not play in Windows Media Player) ...

You will need an S1 or S2 license in order to drive the Scirocco when it is released.

More information next week!
oi oi oi finally
Holding my breath...
Thanks o/
Holy shit! Holy shit!

I usually don't overreact but I was reading this post with my mouth open.

Scawen, you are making my Christmas this year Thank you!
Now this explains why that thread about release date got locked
In Before The Lock!

Holy shite!
I knew saying we'd have to wait 10 years would work!

Great news Scavier, looking forward to it
Thanks, devs!
Hehe, pretty cool. Any more updates that we are aloud to know of?
#16 - robt
I dunno, shame on you for saying it was a long way off!!! Lets hope its not been rushed in due to customer pressure (or should that be moaning!)

Thanks, any other interesting changes coming up?
Xmas pressie, yay!
Good to see it coming, i was hoping for Christmas present from you guys.
Haaaaaaaaale luuyah
Yeeeaaahhhh, been waiting for this, too long
I wet myself.:banana::hyper::headbang::huepfenic:woohoo:

Edit: OMG!! 19th Dec = hols! Perfect timing devs!
#23 - robt
i know i know, 2nd post in this thread already! But just a point, anyone noticed the Scirocco actually has a middle to the wheels? might finally get rid of those holes holding the hover wheels on the GTR's
Inbtl / In before most of the spam / posting in epic thread / first post in a important thread for me >_>
There goes the x-mas surprise...

But good news
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VW Scirocco release plan
(696 posts, closed, started )