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VW Scirocco release plan
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I finally managed to pick up my jaw from the floor. Thank you Scavier! Thanks again
I'm not convinced they don't have more surprises in store.
w000000000t!!!! Scawen, u are the best. REALLY.
/me goes to make some skinnaz

Master Skinnerz needs to release a pro kit.
Quote from DeadWolfBones :I'm not convinced they don't have more surprises in store.

Maybe the rest won't be ready before christmas and they don't won't to leave us with nothing next to the christmas tree.
In before the Scirocco!

I didn't think i'd be very excited about it. But I am. Now there is many weeks of busy time for skinners coming up

And even better time for renderers

I hope we will be also getting the interiors for FZ/FX

Looking forward to more christmas surprises.

You guys really have been working hard. This makes up for all the moaning about the progress during the past 6 months.

And I'm fairly sure you guys are as excited as we are about the release of the Scirocco
AWESOME!!!! Great work guys! Can't wait for it.
Quote from Scawen :Hello LFS Racers.

We are pleased to announce that we plan to release the new VW Scirocco in Live for Speed during the week ending Friday 19th December.

If you'd like to have a look at the car in 3D or start working on a skin...

CMX Viewer : (26 MB)

For a preview of the car inside LFS you can watch a presentation video made by Victor van Vlaardingen.

- Watch instantly on YouTube :
- Low resolution AVI (19 MB)
- High resolution AVI (47 MB) ...
- Best resolution MKV (51 MB - does not play in Windows Media Player) ...

You will need an S1 or S2 license in order to drive the Scirocco when it is released.

More information next week!

OMG SCAWEN I friggin love you <333333 AND THE TEAM

Thankyou DEVS omg. HAPPY !!!!
Great news!
wooohooooo :clapclap::eye-poppi:faint2::bowdown::static: ok... thx a lot!!! i ve just one question scawen. quote from "More information next week!" so, ll the first test patch come out next week?
Good to hear. Thanks Devs
Ohy hell yeah thank you so much from al the skinners Scawen
It sounds surprisingly manly.
Quote from Spankmayer :It sounds surprisingly manly.

And looks good on the track too
Very happy to see a real gearstick in there!
Good news.
My Windiws Media Player 9/XP plays the .mkv file just fine btw..
Quote from John5200 :"More information next week!" so, ll the first test patch come out next week?

Test patch at this point, since the release date is already set?
Dammm you suprice me again scawen and co.

i lost all my hope for a Xmas patch , but you guys did it again,

still 1+ for lfs, big respect
haha! look at the defualt skin in the skin folder!!! at the numberplate stands "NOOB"
Quote from justinziarko :Love the updated wheels on the Formula BMW

yeah!! looks much more realistic now!!

EDIT: should have edited my last post :S sry

the new Brake Calipers look much better now also
**** Yes Holy Shit

btw ur mirror is going 40kb/s !
Damn, didnt realise the updated wheels on the FBM! Nice job!
I am only who noticed next LFS version will be 0.6A?
I think it's time we get skinning, don't you?
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VW Scirocco release plan
(695 posts, closed, started )