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Quote from franky500 :copy / poste job. but the point is still clear enough once you send a hasty e-mail its already too late :P

they're better than the ISP at my work...

they pull their stuff down for a 20 minute IOS upgrade, and it didn't come back for another 23 hours... calls to the ISP gave different excuses, hardware problems, IOS upgrade problems, etc etc etc. needless to say, we weren't happy, and as a result, we bombed them with calls every 45 minutes to get status updates (which is where we got those excuses).
Man, this is the longest 45 mins in history :P

It always seems to happen just as our new event starts
it obviously took longer than expected, Everything is now back on line.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks Dean,

As always we appreciate your efforts.

#130 - CSF
It's died again.
RapidSwitch (where I believe 500 servers are located) have screwed their network massively today - its sort of back, but very flakey.
Just spoken to Franky and he says it's a repeat of last nights issues and he's down at the data centre now and checking things out, he or I will update when more information is received.
CD5 and 6 are down and so is the control panel, just posting here just in case you see this before reading your emails
Emails? Haven't seen any..
What I read here is all I know. Things still appear to be down.. :S
still down.....
Ok, just got a connection to the Console and the website again.. Things might be up and running again.
And down again....
And im back... i could not really do alot to sort out the issue whilst i was at the DC. so i have left it with them, The servers affected are indeed hosted with Rapidswitch TAA. thanks for keeping people informed for me.

The basic issue is down to a Core router that has been giving them problems lately, they tried to fix it last night but ran into complications.. At this moment they are still working on the issue at the DC and are doing anything they can to get things sorted.

As soon as i get more information i will happily pass it on.
thanks for working on it

i personally can get into control panel but not into file manager.......
no news? 15.00 GMT+2
yeah this sux.....need to make some changes that i cant get with !cfg command......
still nothing! this is causing troubles for next event of Fun Racing League
The issues withe the control panel have now been fully resolved.

Please watch this space for further information / announcement over the issues experienced these last few days.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
ThankYou!! I was really worried about it.

Good work mate also on Sunday...
yeah, sunday's are not for cheers!!!
sundays are for working - Especially when you use the saturday to go to a wedding (hence why i was not around yesterday) I got the all clear message in the early hours of the morning about the website / servers being up. Unfortunately i had not realised that the servers that had stayed online the monitoring system had timed out and was therefore not reporting the status of everybodys server or allowing any FTP connections. So my appologise for my oversight on that issue.

Rapidswitch have been extremely dissapointing in their service over the past few days. the biggest issue is the complete lack of anybody to answer the questions i had or being pushed out the way whilst i was down the DC with them. Its because of this that i am currently preparing another 2 servers to switch the Webserver and one of the current Server machines over to.

Again. more info will follow later.

Thanks for your patience guys
aaahhhh, so the grass isn't always
ok some clarrification is needed on some issues we have had over the last few days

We have for a long time now kept servers hosted under different roofs in order to maintain some kind of redundancy in that at any given time there will always be atleast 50% of our servers online in the event of a failure at one of the sites.

it is no secret that we use Rapidswitch to house 2 of our machines in. a Webserver and one of our game servers.

For a while they have been very reliable, up until approximately 2 months ago when the company changed ownership. It seems since then things have changed for the worse and the lack of support (especially in relation to the webserver) has been showing.

As a result we are currently spending some extra cash and are moving away from rapidswitch.

Heres what we are doing:

New Game server machine is being setup in order for us to move hosts as seemlessly as possible. More information will come shortly to those affected.

New Webserver was ordered a couple of weeks ago and was put in with our second provider yesterday, it is in the process of being setup and we should be moving away from the recent issues of unreliability we have been experiencing with the current server.

Currently our main Control panel interface has been hosted with one of our gameservers. This meant that if that game service was to go down, the control panel and all support links have been unaccessable. We are now changing this and the control panel is being installed on its own dedicated machine and on a seperate (but close) network from all of our game servers.

This should help us to remain Available in times of crises and for everybody to be able to use their control panel at all times.

Thanks again everybody for their patience over the last few days (and in general). We hope you will all be please with the changes we are working towards and will forward on any further information to all those affected shortly.


Thanks Dean for all your efforts. It really seems like you are doing your best to sort these issues out, and we all know it isn't your fault
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