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Same as above
Is there anyway to access our files :/ I need to edit an insim.
at the moment no, i can edit them through the box itself if required, but until the control panels running again thats about it. Was expecting to have heard back by now but still waiting at the moment.

If you need me to edit it for you either PM me or e-mail
Quote from franky500 :Control panel issue: the TCAdmin control panel we use seems to be having issues connecting to the tcadmin license server. This is causing an error on the CP.

a ticket has been logged with TCAdmin and hopefully this will have a resolution soon.

I feel for you mate, you've been living hell the last couples of weeks, sometimes even doing your best isn't enough ....

Damn computers, how funny is that love and hate relationship we have with them.

Keep us posted!
Absolutely incredible.
In 1 hour start the baby league and in all the day i cannot access to admin panel.

This is too bad.
ticket # 10140

been open for reply. It's flagged as a high priority...
The control panel is now up and running [rp[er;y agaom/

Apparently the IP our control panel is on had been blocked by their licensing server. All fixed now though.

Sorry for the hastle.

@SF-Turdtron, Sorry for the slow reply to your ticket.
No worries..aslong as it gets sorted somehow, im happy to wait..

EDIT: new reply
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Should be fixed within the next 24 hours,

The License is being transfered. a few tickets for you to look at whenever
Quote from franky500 :Should be fixed within the next 24 hours,

The License is being transfered.

Same problem here...
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yeah..still not back up...but it has only been 3 hours.

EDIT: And I still have a ticket that's been open for 24 hours that still hasnt even been assigned to anyone.

aswel as the other three that i have open that are all HIGH priority...

I may start looking around for other providers....sorry.
It's still not back online...
hmm.. that should have been completed by now... will send a ticket off to cpanel licensing. problem
Quote from franky500 :hmm.. that should have been completed by now... will send a ticket off to cpanel licensing.

hmm.. maybe should be, but I still got messages when I try go to my "cpanel X":
"This server is currently not licensed. Please contact the server administrator. Other services available on this server such as web services are likely functioning normally. (Cannot read license file)"

Hi Welder, Yes it should be, but it is not (hence the message) Waiting on reply from Cpanel.
IM not happy..

I have a possibly problematic billing issue that was been waiting a reply for "1 day 20 hrs 6 mins"

and it hasnt even been assigned yet.

I would like a serious word on skype ASAP. Thank you.
Doubt u will catch me on skype.

Tickets answered.
Thank you. Sorry if i seemed a bit pissy..I know that i am a VERY impatient person.

EDIT@4:44am : The cPanel License Activation message is still there.
Quote from franky500 :...Waiting on reply from Cpanel.

What company is this Cpanel? Do they go to work on Sundays?
Cpanel are the company that make the Cpanel software, As i have not heard back from them yet, i can only assume no, they don't
Do I need a internet service, that does support 24/7? No, I really don't! Looking a new provider...
Hey there Franky,

look, after the update i can't get into the Server Configuration menu. It's just that my logins are wrong and our servers are offline, is it possible that you send me new login details per pn or mail?
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