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LFS Karting 2005 - Results / Pictures
Yes, it was a good day, although I was mightly pissed off with coming last in the karting, never mind hey, TBH, I felt a bit out of place, it was a bit wierd being around all the people that you do know, but don't know, so it was a little uncomfortable.
That said, is was great to meet the devs, great guys.

I'll let you all guess who won the karting, it was a dead cert for them to win anyway.

Hi guys,

Just managed to find a train to take me home lol. Managed to find a floor to sleep on at around 3 am lol but you'll here about that later lol.

Everyone had a great time I think. Like Dan said, if you know people in game then it is a bit uncomfortable meeting them in real life but everyone was getting on with eachother as we got into the event more.

The Devs were really great people and were very keen to talk to us and try to meet some of the people who have benefitted for their last 4-5 years of work and it was nice for us to meet the people who have brought all of us together. We only have them to owe for that.

I'm sure you're dying for the results so here's the ones that I can remember:

P1. 4Sight Racing #1
P2. Triple 7 Racing
P3. Team Devs
P4. 4Sight Racing #2
P5. vMax Racing Team

that's all I can remember for now but I'm sure people will put the full results later. My photo's will be online tonight as well
vMax came 5th !! what happened to Tristan and his hacksaw

Did anyone get kicked or banned ?? Any T1 pile ups ?

P6. Me! (and someone else...)

Yeah. Was a good day. What time did everyone leave the IBIS?

Can't wait for photos/footage.
lol only 1 or 2 yellow flags and the whole 1 1/2 hour event. basically was conducted very well, racers were clean and very fast.

Three Jump nearly broke the track record with a time of 26:98 and the record being 26:84.

Will Dendy got a best time of 27:2 and the owners said that we were the fastest and cleanest group of people that they've ever had there which was nice
Quote from Bob Smith :P6. Me! (and someone else...)

Yeah. Was a good day. What time did everyone leave the IBIS?

Can't wait for photos/footage.

everyone left about 1:15

Me, Tristan and Will Dendy went back to Shifty's house as he said that we could sleep there. So we spent 30 mins walking there and he wasn't there when we arrived. We called him about 10 times and waited around for about 20 minutes.

Eventually we had to call (and wake up) fordy and ask him if he had any space on his floor, about 1:45 now, so then we walk all the way to their hotel which took about 40 mins.

Then they had all of the gates locked round the back as we hadn't payed for a room and we had to sneak in so we didn't have to pay.

So we decided to climb a 7 foot wall to get into the hotel. Eventually we all managed to climb up on the wall and fall down to the other side.

We then crept through the courtyard at about 3 am now and into fordys room, grabbed a pillow and went to sleep lol!

Great Fun!!!

#7 - P1lot
haha, I heard about this at breakfast.
Do you realise I was in the same hotel with a spare bed in my room?

It was great to meet you all, I personally had a great time karting and drinking with you. The devs are the nicest chaps you could wish to meet
The demo Cyber Seat was interesting (motion simulator)
yeh we didn't want to wake you though mate
#9 - ScHiZ
Great time, thanks guys, great to meet you all
Cheers for the beer Scawen
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Was really good.

Me and Stoney left the Ibis at about midnight. and Bob, the other driver was Widdowmaker.

It was really nice to meet everybody in peron.. weird. but nice.. i noticed there was alot more talking AFTER the karting than before.

Cyber seat was nice.. needs alot of work though.. need to at least get some force feedback on the wheel!!!

I heard about the "FUN" with the hotel wall this morning aswell. i hear there will also be a "PICTURE" too.

I like the fact that my team (me and P1lot, DE / ATC) came only 2nd Last to.. FORDMAN AND DAN!!!!
I also think that i should get an award for "most lapped person" (i hope i cleared the way well for all of you...)

The Devs were really nice guys. dunno why i gave victor a pound though.. hmm. oh well. Thanks for making the trip guys. Made it even better than it already was.

Some pictures will appear later. but right now i am only just home and am required to collapse.

Thanks for the lift Fordie, hope you fix your door so your wife does not have to climb through the window too LOL.

a VERY well organised and very succesful meet. Good to meat you all.
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Quote from franky500 :Some pictures will appear later.

thats me in the chair! :eclipseeh
Quote from dUmAsS :thats me in the chair! :eclipseeh

i think u crashed 2 minutes later....
Quote from franky500 :i think u crashed 2 minutes later....

damn pedals
lol, sounds like you had an eventful night after we left scotty

Will / Fordie, well done on a ****ing excellant meet - it was amazing (despite being too scared to talk to Scawen or Victor properly )

Bob - thanks for the room for the night and putting up with me loud dribblin'

Now, footage as I said last night I'm not guaranteeing the quality of it (I'm sure most of it was shit and wobbly, and I'm sorry for that :o), but hopefuly it should be good enough for whatever Tristan/Fordie/whoever wants to do with it. As for hosting it, I'm away from the house, work and possibly the intarweb completely (if the missus has her way) until Weds evening, but in the unlikely event of the footage needing somewhere to be hosted on before then feel free to text me (Tristan/Will has my number) and I'll get online somehow and sort some stuff out

Once again, it was a ****ing excellant time - nice to finally get some face time (that sounds horrific) with you guys

Same time next week?

Cheers for the beer Scawen - but I was supposed to buy you guys at least one :o
Quote from the_angry_angel :
Bob - thanks for the room for the night and putting up with me loud dribblin'

/me makes weird loud dribbling noise

You found your way back to the town center then? It looked like you were walking the wrong way...

I hope Scawen enjoyed his grilling too, we could only hold off the LFS questions so long. I forget to ask about the future of the LX8 though, so if you want to fill me in... Oh and cheers for the crisps, essential pub food there. I didn't drive anyone mad while eating my (gorgeous) steak did I? Or how about when I poured the meat juice all over my leg?

I never got around to speaking with Victor. Perhaps I was put off by his scary new haircut. Maybe next time.

Keep the photos coming (my camera didn't want to work properly indoors).
Pics of Vics new haircut pls!
Highlights and the new barnet ruined by a sweaty race helmet
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me and tristan have just got back from some more kart racing

brilliant meet, although i now have scars of battle from that damn wall :irked:

talking of scars of battle, u should see the size of the (now popped) blisters on AndyC's hand, its scary lol. and my back hurts!

it was great to meet everyone, and at last i got the honor of buying the devs a drink! i bought a britvic for scawen who was driving, and a red bull for vic and what a nice guy scawen is, he offered to buy US all drinks

i think we are looking at next years event in either buckmore park in kent, or daytona in milton keynes, but lets leave that for a while shall we!

and thanks alot to TAA, who watched everyone else having the fun, while we sent him around the place filming it! you HAVE to drive next year
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looks like you guys had a nice meeting!

Victor now looks much more normall then on the old pictures of him, like this one for example:

Quote from ScHiZ :Highlights and the new barnet ruined by a sweaty race helmet

lolol, this is Vic?
Couldnt recognize him
seriosuly, scawen went on the cyber-magig and i said to fordman, wheres victor, it took me ages to find him! he looks so different, scawen looks exactly the same, and hes such a cool guy victor is a legend too, and schiz is proper funny. when he and cougar first came in, i was saying "who the hell are those?!?!" then when we got chattin we had a laugh, and i went in cougars LX4, which was pretty quick, so much wind too!!! awesome car
@ ayrton senna 87 that picture.... i believe the bald guy hiding behind LawVS is V4forlife (musta snuck in.....)
omg i cant wait to see the pic tristan took of 3j at 3am
Quote from ayrton senna 87 :omg i cant wait to see the pic tristan took of 3j at 3am

me neither.. come on 3j. HURRY UP AND GET HOME!!!... this is all asuming that 3j got out of fordies car ok... when i got dropped off 3j had to climb through the window!!!! the door refused to open... 3j wont be home for hours yet though.. flight does not leave trill gone 6
lol yeh same here

LFS Karting 2005 - Results / Pictures
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