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German soccer moms, crazy biatches.
"The low rider, is a little higher"
"What do you mean the sign said 'the bridge is out'?"
Vat haff you done to mein suspension? Mein mutter vill nicht be pleased...

(two days later)



"Everyone in the back shut up, Your hot air is causing us to fly"

"This week on Top gear, we return to the ring with Sabine's new challenge!"
BBC producers have revealed Del Boy's and Rodney's new look 3 wheeler for the new series of Only Fools.
Driver: "Ok. Who is drinking RedBull?"
"Yay, LFS physics are kicking in...."

" In NFS this car had both front wings and back wings and did easely 400 km\h.. This have to be the damned family version of it :<"

Edit : not funny at all, but was hard to find any funny with it :s
Optimus Prime's new disguise.
Ugh mine was:

Warning : Rallycross tyres on road track

(Anyone notice how high the rallycross setup is?)
Let's continue!
is that real non-photoshopped photo?
Yes, Monaco last year (2006) iirc. He got on the podium (fluke), and Christian Horner said beforehand if they made the podium he'd jump in the swimming pool naked. He did, although he had a superman cloak to cover is, err, modesty.

My caption: "You think I look stupid? You should see Scott's!"
"If you think I`m super on track, just you wait to see what I can do in bed"
"Unfortunately for Coulthard, kryptonite isnt his only weakness"

(sorry for not posting up a winner for my picture, my internet has been down since last Sunday)
David is likely to have astonishing career in Hollywood, he will star the the Superman spin-off movie called Super-Seniorman Returns.
*Commercial Movie Announcer Voice*

Superman Returns:

On the Circuit

Witness the new encasing superman movie as he starts driving a car, for no reason.
*Laser beams fly out of his eyes and blow up another car*

Shoop da woop!
David prepares for life after his F1 days finally comes to an end.
"Bloody sarcastic suit designers."
his team really made him take the piss after jumping over wurzs nose
"Kal-El, I am your father... and your mother was a F1 car that I used to drive crazy, so she left me"
Well its been 2 days and no sign, since this thread is in peril of dropping onto page 2 I will post a new picture up.
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Energizer bunny: "I hate my job."

Caption Competition
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