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Can you believe, it was the Bentley that made the most noise LOL (Video 2)

10 seconds in and already far superior to modern WRC
2014 Indianapolis 500 - Juan Pablo Montoya Onboard

No engine sound, just radio communication.
4:30 - Hairy moment, JR Hildebrand with daring move up inside.
20:30 - Pitting, speeds on entry (I believe).
33:30 - Caution.
44:45 - Going back Green
51:45 - Scott Dixon crash.
1:02:50 - Going back Green, Hinch and Carpenter crash.
1:10:15 - Going back Green.
1:17:25 - Caution, Townsend Bell crash, leads to red flag.
Circuit operator needs to not be so stupid and recognise long hair and karts do not ****ing mix. Tie it up.
first kart video was hella fun. thanks.
wtf did i just see
Quote from kars19 :Meanwhile in Estonia

This artificial jump is so pointless and dangerous. Last 2 event which was held on that track ended with quite tragic results. I can't understand why they still keep using that jump.

First one BMW crashed after jump, driver broke his ribs. Here is video of it and also onboard.

And now one Ford Escort crashed heavily. Co-driver's vertebra is broken which means his legs are paralyzed. He will never recover. Oh and here is also video (you need to scroll down a bit) if you like those jumps.
Shame about those accidents, but it's the co-driver's job to write the notes. Seems like they were simply too fast. Can't really blame the jump for that.

Racing videos
(4781 posts, started )