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60mb, very good quality

It's an onboard lap, Westfield Megabusa (hihi) on ze 'Ring , touristdrive-lap though, but it's fun. Topless btw, awesome sound, laptime somewhere 8:10
What is a BM 74?
Best Motoring (simply put, japanese "top gear" ) version # 74
Very good thread.
Here is my submission:

No need to explain because everything is explained there, on this site.
#31 - jmkz
Holy crap...the guy even gave him some time to go ahead
Some time ?
I would say it was pretty much time.
Besides 8.3 sec. to 257 is...holy shit, I can't even imagine it. as hell....
sheesh, i wish i could do that at the light in my volvo :P

that previous 90 BTCC video is awesome too, such close racing!
i can see the similarities between South City and Birmingham! bring back street circuits!
your probably missing codec. download the program "avicodec", install it. then rightclick on the video and it will tell you what codecs you need.
No, I have the same.
Video plays ok for over 60 minutes and suddenly stops.
It must be broken but, og well at last we have over 60 minutes of quality material.
#40 - OPK
The group b stuff is great, I d/l the 90mins clip some time ago (can´t remember where) and it is awesome....the cars...too much of everything and really bulky, but those were great times.
A shame Group B caused these horrible accidents

DoN: the clip with the test drive of the red it the same driver I remember sliding by driving a Golf in another clip of you?
And we have a new record:

Fastest laptime on the Nordschleife for a production car: 6:55
Former worldrecord was 7:15, yes thats 20secs difference..

Everybody thought it was impossible to do a lap in 6mins with a production car, but Dutch racing driver Michael Vergers proved it can be done.
Vergers did his flying lap in an Radical SR8, completely streetlegal. The SR8 has a 2.6 8cyl. wich produces 360bhp @ 11.000rpm. Yeah baby.
Streetlegal tyres: Dunlop Direzza D02G

Movie will be up for at least 1 week, approx. 39mB :
keep them coming!!!!!!
#45 - OPK

This one rocks, too
Once I saw a clip shot from inside of Delecours he was really going for it
Quote from Gabkicks :I posted this video on a bunch of forums a while ago :P

Your point being?
#48 - jmkz
that he is able to post in forums I guess?

Racing videos
(4785 posts, started )