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i'm getting a strong deja-vu :]]]

We were invited to the Race Of Champions where we could race against the best czech autocross, rallycross and rally drivers.

As someone said in the comments, better than the original. Big grin
The season has finally started in czech republic and we had first testing session.
I tried to measure the speed and g-forces with GoPro 5

Video from my racing day!
During morning I was testing my Kartcross buggy and afternoon racing in Virtual GP on Assetto Corsa.
First race of this season!
Monaco Grand Prix 1962 - High Quality footage - Flying Clipper
my own video footage of the 2017 motul petit le mans
This has got to be one of my favourite F1 videos ever
This is motorsport Shrug
Quote from THE WIZARD DK :
EDIT: i just watched this one. and form the cam. im thinking devs could actually use this video to see how mud and gravel and water sprays irl on a dirt track..its actually VERY visible in this video. just a thought.

Yes, they can use it, but they will not Wink

Finally we won a rallycross race after 5 absolutely catastrophic unlucky races....
Anyone knows what happened to Peterson on first lap? Such a shame he didn't won the championship that year. He was so strong. Eight pole positions (while Emerson drove none), five retirements because of technical issues (all in races which he started from pole). Then this retirement, because of accident (according to Wiki) again from pole position. But what kind of accident it was? I can't find out the reason from the video, since I am not sure if the commentator mentions something about it (in deutch)

The Can-Am Cars
Finally, my first time on Nordschleife in real car and in real life.
I remember the times, when Marius Golombeck (baSh0r) was teaching me this track via teamspeak in rFactor Wave

Quote from Klouczech :Finally, my first time on Nordschleife in real car and in real life.

Congrats mate!
Quote from pasibrzuch :Congrats mate!

Thank you!

This was a real carnage, final run was repeated 4 times, many crashes, fist fight, but we managed to win again and I don´t know how
Historic Cars racing on Wet at Imola Classic
Bump drafting fail
Welcome to iRacing Big grin Big grin Big grin
Just my highlights from czech amateur go-karting championship. I don't play LFS anymore but if it hadn't been for LFS I wouldn't be racing now Smile

Racing videos
(4785 posts, started )