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Quote from Nick78 :Yeah, that's because it's a community, not a haven for bloodthirsty leechers.

I must say I was a bit wrong... I registered and there was a general motorsport section which was 10x more interesting than those miscellaneous crash vids on the side. There were lots of interesting stuff, like F1 season reviews from 60's, documents etc. But I'm not gonna post links to them here, thath would be wrong bandwith stealing... altough many of the links are to Rapidshare or some other file sharing site.

Some foundings from public sites: ... _street_car_1962.asf.html ... /;4629431;;/fileinfo.html ... f_stunning_Lap_Record.wmv

http://www.bonnfinanzmotorspor ... deos/oliver_roevenich.wmv
http://www.bonnfinanzmotorspor ... /videos/thomas_ambiel.wmv
http://www.bonnfinanzmotorspor ... deos/thomas_bruegmann.wmv

http://www.classictouringcars. ... vid/Mk1Escort_May2005.wmv
http://www.classictouringcars. ... %20Hill%20July%201990.wmv
http://www.classictouringcars. ... cosgrove%20spa%202000.wmv
http://www.classictouringcars. ... 20Malet%20Snet%202000.wmv

I'm not sure if I've already posted this link: ... /video/crashin/crash.html (in total of 2.6 GB of pure crashing)

And more more: - awesome

There's a nice one hour incar movie with some Lotus Elan and Lotus Cortina. In the middle of it there's a short compare between the real incar footage and GT Legends. It actually just shows how crappy and how wrong the GTL physics are (compare how the cars slide, or how the GTL car is not sliding. Found the link from here.

ps. Long-ass post.
Quote from chakra :If you go to the root directory of that video, , there's some more on-board Caterham videos. The tracks are all French (or Belgian) so it must be the French Caterham series. The Croix-en-Ternois video is a good one - lots of argy-bargy racing going on!

i downloaded the "best of cateram" video at the top and wow, that was really really good to watch.

to see those signalling to bump draft each other up the track was crazy and they really made up a lot of ground on the track. there was one point where he bump drafted him and one guy past 2 other cars down the straight good stuff.
Once a leecher,always a leecher. Isn't it?
Quote from Sternendaal :Once a leecher,always a leecher. Isn't it?

Hahahahah, clever This is why I like rally more than any other motorsport
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Fantastic rally tribute movie which I found from the TBK motorsport videos forums:

"All About Rallying": ... AboutRallying001.wmv.html

Includes footage of three fatal crashes, which I didn't even know they were ever caught on video (explosions are Marc Surer Germany '86, Henri Toivonen's crash in Corsica '86 and the crash towards spectators is Joaquim Santos in Portugal '86). Those crash clips are only 1-2 secs long, so there's no gore material or anything like that.
Great movie
Definitely great.

Any chance someone could find/upload this to another site such as megaupload or sendspace? I can't use RS at all :\

that was a very enjoyable 13mins of rallying .... very nice video.. not sure the music goes with it tho...

I think the music is the best part of the vid. Very well done.

Music - THE ROCK

Movie with Sean Connery.
Quote from NotAnIllusion :Any chance someone could find/upload this to another site such as megaupload or sendspace? I can't use RS at all :\

'tos, +1!

Fantastic tribute, I thought the music fit very well too
maybe its just me then... thought it suited it at the begining but then it just didnt seem to go.... ahh well!

was gd to see tommi again!

edit* what was amazing was to see all those foolish people on the course!!!! jeez being a driver ud really wanna lift off when all u see is a crowd of people infront!!! they were mad!!!
Yeah it was awesome watching rally back in the Group B days, it's almost impossbile to see where to road is going from the cockpit, what made it even more exciting is that those beasts (the cars, not the spectators ) weren't all that easy to keep on the road.
I don't remember who said it (it was Juha Kankkunen, Ari Vatanen or some other Finnish driver) that they couldn't think spectators as humans when they were driving.
dont blame them... dont think any1 can .... if they could then they would certainly lift of or approach with caution..... people were mad!
I'm not blaiming the drivers. It's probably impossible to drive fast if you think all the time spectators on the outside of the corner.

Here's a sick clip from the Too Fast To Race movie that shows well the crowd control problem...

oooo u gotta love the audi!!!!

yeh crowds were a serious issue.. just cant believe people were stupid enough to be that close!!!.........
Quote from deggis :

I've seen that '77 Pryce video before, it is very well known accident. Not only the track marshal died that got run over by the F1 car, but also the driver Tom Pryce died. The track marshal's foam extinguisher hit his head. That video might be shocking, just a warning.

OMG, thats serioisly the most discusting thing I've ever seen. I still feel really sick after watching that.
Quote from MyBoss :OMG, thats serioisly the most discusting thing I've ever seen. I still feel really sick after watching that.

I warned.
That makes my heart hurt, crazy world

Racing videos
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