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Quote from mrbogeyman :that is a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong straight.

It's a very loooooooooooooonnnnnnggggg straight.
Quote from Funnybear :It's a very loooooooooooooonnnnnnggggg straight.

no, i said a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong straight.
Henri Toivonen tribute movie:

Today it's exactly 20 years since the death of Henri Toivonen and his co-driver Sergio Cresto in Tour de Corse. Watch that great tribute movie for the memory of them and the whole Group B era. Made by "Antti".
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The famous Vroom stop motion clip made by Beko for some festival or other, basically it's karting only without the kart.... If you've never seen it then get it, it rocks.
hehe i havent seen that video in a while . anyone got any supergt/jgtc race videos? i cant find any super gt photage except on the bmi dvds i bought.
Quote from Gabkicks :anyone got any supergt/jgtc race videos? ... MotorsTV.Xvid.English.avi

48 minute highlights with English commentary ~530 MB.

Most of the cars are very ugly and not that sexy as in FIA GT but in Super GT traction control and other electronic driving aids are totally forbidden. Big for that.

And another one, much smaller 15 mb clip:

Actually I just today searched for JGTC/Super GT vidoes from the TBK motorsport videos forums.
thx alot i was just looking for videos of cars with similar performance to the GTRs in lfs (xrr etc)
Quote from deggis :Actually I just today searched for JGTC/Super GT vidoes from the TBK motorsport videos forums.

Thanks for the ultimate link
It's definately the ultimate place for motorsport videos (forum needs a requirement though). You can find nearly every possible videos from there. Lots of historical documents there too. I'm most interested in those.

Too bad that most of the videos are on some free file sharing pages... mostly rapidshare. Kind of annoying to download some 500 mb document movie in 10 separate files that all in the Rapishare which has the lame dl per hour limit.
does anyone have the keke roseberg's 360° at detroit (i think its detroit). he actually made a 360° on the braking spot before taking the curve as if nothing happend! i really want to see that move !
Both BMW and Lancia are awesome even today and how they look like, mmmm
Just a shame that, Y10 aside in an amusing hatchback sort of way, Lancia haven't made a good car in about 20 years. They are all dull, ugly, boring, tasteless, passionless Fiat clones. Yawn. Still, at least they're not as offensive to look at as any new Bangle BMW.
yes, very shame i have the '94 delta... (going off topic here) in the beginning, 2 years ago when i got driver's licence i used to like only riding motorcycles . but something happened and i stayed with my parents' car. The lancia. So i got used to it, i also liked LFS a lot and now i start liking cars. Most of the people i've talked with have told me that the delta is a lost cause illepall and it would be way cheaper to buy a new used one instead of going about fixing it (3rd gear synchromesh is dead... got angry, shifted clutchles and forcefuly . usualy i shift clutchless without the slightest peep ) and improving it. What do you think?

going back on topic... i would so much like to see some old F1 or some delta integrale...
I don't think it's a lost cause - the thing about pretty much ANY italian car of any value is that they require a fair amount of money throwing at them to keep them at the top of their game. A lot of people do this because they love the car/brand, others do it because they want to be different and put up with the costs. If you don't fall into that catagory it'll be best to get rid of it before it becomes hard to sell, so that someone else who loves it enough or has enough cash can lavish it as it needs to be lavished.

It's probably not the easiest thing to find, but if you phone Omicron (+44 1508 570351) they might be able to either find a replacement gearbox for not too silly money, recommend a fix, or something like that. I wouldn't want to remove, strip, rebuild and refit a delta gearbox if I could avoid it, but if it's not 4WD it won't be too difficult. Oh, at Omicron it'll be Andrew you need to speak to, since Elizabeth and Martin don't really know their modern Lancia's (in which the Delta falls).
thank you, really appreciated, tristan.
Looks awful - both in terms of graphics and physics. And he's obviously not driving whilst he talks
Ive been looking for a video for bout 2years or 3 which was the last time i saw it.

It makes F1, Kimi, Alonso, Schmii espesh look like a joke! I want to see it again badly.. its Montya in Champcar at i think it was detroit in 99.. It was amazing!!

If ya see it, ya gotta know, back then champcars were much harder as there was slicks and no traction control etc, which makes f1 and what i said ealier look like a joke.. and he still manages to control the car like hell!!

Quote from Michel 4AGE :And we have a new record:

Fastest laptime on the Nordschleife for a production car: 6:55
Former worldrecord was 7:15, yes thats 20secs difference..

Everybody thought it was impossible to do a lap in 6mins with a production car, but Dutch racing driver Michael Vergers proved it can be done.
Vergers did his flying lap in an Radical SR8, completely streetlegal. The SR8 has a 2.6 8cyl. wich produces 360bhp @ 11.000rpm. Yeah baby.
Streetlegal tyres: Dunlop Direzza D02G

Movie will be up for at least 1 week, approx. 39mB :

Just a note for anyone who missed this one before, it's on Google video at . They're also selling it on DVD at http://www.radicalsportscars.c ... lder/nord0905/dvd_buy.php . Not cheap, but it's a fun DVD, I'm quite happy with my copy. The commentary on the 'ring lap is hilarious in its understatement - as he flies down the hill towards Pflanzgarten, hardly braking, in the commentary he just deadpans "car feels a bit light here"...
Quote from tristancliffe :Looks awful - both in terms of graphics and physics. And he's obviously not driving whilst he talks

Have to agree but I like the DFP mod
Quote from Michel 4AGE :

60mb, very good quality

It's an onboard lap, Westfield Megabusa (hihi) on ze 'Ring , touristdrive-lap though, but it's fun. Topless btw, awesome sound, laptime somewhere 8:10

Linky not vurking!

Racing videos
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