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Yes, it really isn't anything where you feel like smiling within a hour after seeing it...

think the music doesnt help when watching it.. when you mute it .. it hasnt got the same powerfull effects...

first time i saw it i was like felt a bit odd... a horrible crash...

racing videos? We got LFS. duh
#181 - Don
lol !

you got to love the old skodas... good vid.. love the way it finished heh!

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I love the background music.
Do you know what is this ? I know it was in Hackers movie but I am not sure if this is Prodigy...

BTW - movie is ok
its called halcyon. its from the mortal kombat soundtrack as well at least thats where i recognized it from.

Man.. it looked like alot of people had problems in that race... i'm downloading the full race right now lol.
thx for the links mang
Here are the drifting movies that me and some friends have made the last year:

Alot of action, a few crashed cars and a tiny bit of good driving

(also check out the 2006 and 2004 videos).
has anyone got any videos of the old Hockenheim? (The long one that went into the woods)

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