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Renn.Tv is uploading their free samples on youtube, you can acces them here
Renn TV
Second Video is like FOX on Nordschleife
I was just cutting an onboard lap out of the 1993 Spanish GP for myself but I though I'd make a small comparison between the active suspension of the 1993 Williams with a couple of other passive cars. The 3 videos are part of a race lap from Alain Prost in the 1993 Williams, a qualifying lap from Eddie Irvine in a 1997 Ferrari and a qualifying lap from Michael Schumacher in a 2004 Ferrari. I tried my best to synch the start of the videos, but they might be a little bit out. Notice the way the suspension on the 1993 Williams behaves compared to the other two, rolling into the corner and a lot more movement overall. ... Schumacher_Spain.avi.html
36 seconds, 4.35MB
Nice. The active suspension seems to be doing almost the opposite of what a passive system would do: The outside pushrod extends in corners.

Electric R/C car against a Mini GP, ignore what Vicky says. That isn't a nitro car, it's a brushless with a LiPo. Met Andy Moore (guy racing R/C car in video) couple of years ago and will again in 4 weeks time .
lol @ first 1
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Mmm, Lotus.
Thanks for uploading.

Quote from tiagolapa :Very nice vids

Whats that thing in first video that looks like hand break?. The driver pulls it twice

If you listened the commentating, they said it's for the live roll bar adjustment.

Dodge's tribute to Deep Purple:

thats enough sugar to make you go insane! :insane:

Racing videos
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