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Ohhh thats so mean
There ain't nothing better than Bergrennen hillclimbs, all those Group 2 hatchbacks make me drool!
hillclimbs sort the men from the boys. takes balls of steel to be able to carry that much speed through what is more or less public roads. same for the ulster gp. street racing on superbikes. tiz crazy. the last round of the ugp is on bbci player if anyone in the uk fancies a watch. 200mph on what looks like a B road.
The hillclimb near where i live, Verzegnis-Sella Chianzutan.
Very nice videos, with good sounds (not like hearing engines eco in the valley with your hears but nice sound). ... 8KPJM&feature=related
Ferraris, Vipers, prototypes, a 3 series bmw with a judd f1 engine... i really love hillclimbs

Sometimes things dont go the right way ... ZTTdE&feature=related ... NBaA8&feature=related ... RTUfA&feature=related

Another video from another hillclimb in Italy, the "sound duel" between 360 and Corvette is priceless! (taken during practice so that's why the slow starts)

More footage (with good sound) from the same hillclimb:
Thanks . 7th of August this year
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Luke Hines' wreck

The reason the ALMS round at Mosport was cut a little short today... Ouch.

Racing videos
(4781 posts, started )