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first trie at rendering. Something else...
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here's my Formula XR FPV skin (based on the V8 Supercar)
no fancy rendering i'm afraid
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Formula FPV.jpg
Nice skin, maybe you could post this in the Formula FO8/FOX skins section then, instead of the 3D renders thread? :up:
Now I like it a lot better. Final version I would say, the skin and the shot too: :cookiemon

That is pretty nice RAYfighter :up: I like the softness.

Nice Opel there too dravgunov, I was gonna make that a while ago when the cmx viewer first came out, but someone beat me too it.
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That's my fav DTM paintscheme.
Great job
wow awesome Sniiki!
Very nice skin colouring, Rayfighter. Could we have a shot of it from a different angle so we can see the rest too?
Love the front glass texture, wanna share it?

Nice render/scene aswell, Vray renders look sooo clean!
You mean the windshiled material or the logo in it?
Quote from Sniiki :You mean the windshiled material or the logo in it?

Dunno why i said glass.

I mean the front light texture.
oh, they are 3d, not texture
Quote from Sniiki :oh, they are 3d, not texture

Ah right, thats why they look so good then.

Would it be possible to get a head on render of the light, then cut the picture of the light out and add it onto the fxo DDS? Its gotta be better then the low res texures currently used, right?

Nice work though, they really do look nice.
Ok here's the front render of the light (Inner parts, without the reflector glass).
It's quite bright so you might want to tweak the highlight levels in photoshop.

Don't know if it looks any better if put to texture instead of the original but you can try.
Please show the result if you do.
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obviously there is no AAing here, but you can basically see how it would turn out, all i did is took that image sniiki uploaded and put it direcetly into the file.. didnt have to bend it around (which i did try since the original one is a recangular shape, but it didnt come out right) anyways.. heres a quick look to how it would turn out
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Quote from xaotik :Very nice skin colouring, Rayfighter. Could we have a shot of it from a different angle so we can see the rest too?

Maybe later, I am having shitload of work plus leaving to Canes for 2 weeks. But this is the skin of my team and it's finished now, so you will sure see it again.

Glad you liked it guys, thanks.
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.. thats just the cmx viewer used for skinning? and the lights posted directly above
but seeing your a demo person it shouldnt matter
Hi guys.
Some of the renders in this thread are absoloutly amazing.. The quality of the model really comes out to life.

Now I just dug out LFS and purchased the s2 license a few weeks back. (Originally from 2003 s1) And created my very first skin..

Now I took a look through all the rendering tutorials I can find lately. With a few problems.
I can only obtain a temp copy of 3DSMAX 8.
I cannot find the *.CMX files with S2. Does anyone have a FXR mesh that will work with 3ds 8? If possible can you through in a scene?

And I don't want to burden anyone. Because I need to rework this with Real-live sponcers (Going to be a SCO ad) but if someone has the time to do me a quick one to see what the turn out would be. That'd be apperciated.. Oh, and if anyone visits the 'site' of the car. . I'm the red Isuzu in the rally-x and auto-x photos.

Thanks for the info. files, and or render
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the .cmx files are from the cmx viewer; you can get it here: ...

however, you can download the cars in importable files... somewhere i dont remember where.. if anyone has them anymore.. hm

i have a fair amount of them in .3ds all you have to do is apply textures and mats and whatnot i guess i can upload those somewhere
but if you have brazil renderer, you can use Ians' ready-to-render scenes here:

just out of curiosity, i was going to try it but i deleted them before i could.. if you download ians' ready made scenes, (even without brazil) open them in 3dsmax, then change your renderer to .. whatever you use, scanline or whatever, and see what you can do
actually.. i bet you'll have to have some type of brazil
just get the demo thingy ..
here you go, put in some stuff and download rio for 3dsmax 8 (since you have 8) here: ...
then do the step up there ^
open ians' car in 3dsmax, switch renderer to scanline or whatever you use, then just mess with the materials so it works with the renderer, and it should.. should work
Easy way is download Ian H. scene and use Max 7 & Brazil.
no problems with textures etc...just press render and be happy


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