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3D LFS renders
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now meee
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That is very pretty
@Switcher83: I dont surpose there is any chance of getting that pic in 1280x1024 so I can have it as my Background?
here it is
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Wow you are a gent. Thanks alot :up:
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rofl heizer want my fzr xanavi skin to go in there lol?
HEIZER, that is awesome!

nice avatar too
heizer, great skins over time, and thats a great render.

george, spank and heizer, great work.

ps: your avatar disturbs my avatar a lot.
Heizer: Are you ever going to do that Kmart skin you had for the FXO in S-1?
I think of all the skins you did, that one was my favorite
Next bigger news - new garage almost ready.

Bigger pic -

I'm not 100% happy with that, but I think this is right now my limit.
Have to start reading tutorials again to improve myself

And MorroW Design has again new logo...I need more room for text,
so that one should work for a while now

Critics and comments are always waited. Post your C&C in here or in my gallery,
under the picture you find place where you can to that.

alright lets get some criticism to make this thing look nice here morrow;

lighting.. obviously your not done as you say, but for one, the planes above the cars certainly have got to go, it makes the whole thing look odd, as if there are blue glowing stripes on the roof of the place lol

2nd set of fire extinguishers (the ones on the right) probably need to go, it just looks odd having 4 extinguishers; it really makes the place look symetrical which.. you dont want in a garage lol

floor; well one of two things, either it will be normal outside concrete (which is something i have never seen indoors, hence its called outdoor concrete lol), or the laminated/glossed concrete, which is usually either a blueish tint, or the normal grey, so what you need to do to the floor is add a bump map to it if you haven't already, and give it some reflectiveness (not to much, but enough to have the glare of the lights in the scene)

and one last thing, a car jack or whatever you call those things that raise cars up with the big hydrolic pumps, that would add a nice touch (with some airguns and tools around)

oh almost forgot, you need a workbench all car garages (well for teams atleast) must have a workbench with tools to work on stuff [you could maybe make part of an engine or something with some cams lying around]
also if possible, try to get a higher res image of the steren logo you have on the right(er) wall, it looks kinda pixely

other than that your headed the right way
XCNuse, first big thanks for C&C. This is only way to improve something

Now I try to comment every point.

Lightning - idea is get roof and make nice looking lampshade and add those lightning
panels inside those. I can't just simply deleto those...then there is very black
garage Right now there is now roof...that let's lights outside come in.

Fire extinguishers - yes, I agree that 4 are to much. I try to change those...hmm, for something

Floor - no bumb map or anything else right now...only box with 2d texture.
I use first time bump map yesterday...on walls So I give it a try

Car jack, workbench, engine - I can't use free 3d models due to copyright problems
what may come to the fore later. So yes, I have thinked about that alraedy,
but right now I don't have engought skills do to this

Logo - sadly this is max quality what is public. Later hopefully I can have better
logo and I can fix that easy thing

Yes, a lot of things can be done...but sadly there are limits. Right now this scene
almost kills my PC even if I try to move something And adding more stuff...
well, you see the point

But really big thanks for C&C

Maybe I am looking at the pic wrong al heeley, but is the left wheel turned and the right wheel is stright?
Quote from seggons :Maybe I am looking at the pic wrong al heeley, but is the left wheel turned and the right wheel is stright?

You are looking at it wrong - the right wheel is turned and the left wheel is straight.
hehe , apart from that it looks very nice
What, don't you have your toe-in set that that too? It help me corner round south city....
Quote from L(Oo)ney :

Hey looney, what kind of car ist that? A FSAE car?

Quote from al heeley :What, don't you have your toe-in set that that too? It help me corner round south city....

lol. nice render anyway
FZR skin and render. Since the picture is used on a frontpage of our team website, I have decided to only throw a link to it, sorry for a banner at the top.

Wow, nice skin and funky hot wheels!
Al! Just noticed your FZR render above. The car looks brutal with your skin! Racing machine par excellence.
Thx Ray! Glad you like:up: When we gonna do some racing?
Quote from al heeley :Thx Ray! Glad you like:up: When we gonna do some racing?

I'm investing all my free time to our new team, currently just demo racers. So whenever I escape to the S2 server (mostly CRC races), I feel sorry to leave my demo teammates behind. Our team #1 Duuku just won the Logitech LFS PlayZone Cup (czech and slovak demo cup) and our NBC divisions also got the 1st and 2nd place within teams. So things are rolling well. Now when the team website with the forum and the IRC channel are already working smooth, I except to start racing a lot more again. Especially after the Christmas, when at least 2 of my teammates are getting their S2 licences from Santa.

3D LFS renders
(8241 posts, started )