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3D LFS renders
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ROFL yes indeedy
actually i realised that it isnt xrt,its xrg :P
another render with blender
My latest scene (and my third:tilt, made with Blender.

EDIT: New render, just added some refection on the body
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Ros double mirror.jpg
Ros + Ros bw.jpg
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Sorry for double post but here are my new FZ50 scene, Oz Superturismo and a graffiti wall behind, and once again please post constructive criticism.
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FZ50 graffiti.jpg

Just a couple of pics of LX4.

I think it needs some rear body work or something raised at the rear.. maybe some streamline body behind the head or a wing/spoiler..

Looks good though
my renders
They're nice.. but the image quality is just awful!
wow these are awesome! very tasty
They're not bad and that's my UF1 Pickup.
New render scene, XRT with two exhaust-pipes.
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XRT 2xs.jpg
I started work on a garage scene.

I needed a break from work last night, so I messed around with this. The reflections haven't turned out like I had hoped so I need to play around with the texturing some more.

Cinema4D 32min rendering time.

Parts of this skin are from Anathema's FZR shadow kit, which has since been taken down...
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Quote from robps :Parts of this skin are from Anathema's FZR shadow kit, which has since been taken down...

dont worry about it. Its fully Ok you used it. The Download will be available again soon.
LX6 pimped to LX8 rendermovie
Quote from --PoDo-- :no many words....just watch it out...hope you like it..

just click the link

--> <--

it`s nice but you should use more keys when you do it like this you get the how LineR32 says
Quote from LineR32 :It looks like stop motion, reminds of those 40's and 50's movies with dinosaurs and monsters.

but still nice modification of the LX6
Im back to modding cars now just dropped a new engine (guess it's liners 240 sx engine) and testing some lighting but why does it take so much time when i put depth of field sampling btw i didn't use it on the render though

EDIT: looks over bright huh....
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it looks good anik very good its not to bright i got one question thoe did you model the lights yourself

3D LFS renders
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