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Quote from tristancliffe :Lol

It's surprising how much the first word of a post can sometimes reduce the credibility of the rest of the post. No matter how correct you may be, it somehow doesn't seem to matter when you start the post with "lol"...
Quote from Victor :lol, I've just picked up the same car Except it's blue

haven't got a camera here so your imagination will have to do :P

(mine's the 1.4 vts version, yours looks like the same?)

If I had the vts version they wouldn't insure me at all
Yo Tristan stop bashing hatchbacks and go take a drive in , for example, a Type-R, Focus RS or the new Golf GTi. You'll be suprised!
I drive a 1992 VW Golf GT. It's a cheap car to own and run and since I'm a student it fits me well

I fitted 40mm lowering springs because the suspension was a little bit too soft for my taste. Handles pretty well :heyjoe67_
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I have driven a Focus RS - yuck. I have also driven the Golf GTi, although not the latest version I admit (which is supposed to be better, but that wasn't hard really). The Civic R is a stupid looking car, and (according to road tests by magazines I actually listen to) is not nice to drive (at any speed/level of commitment). It does however, have a nice engine (the only strong point of any honda, bar the NSX, which they're stopping anyway).
Focus RS - Yuck
Type R - not nice to drive ?

Oh dear..we'll never be friends's my *cough* car *cough*

It's a understeered, old, rusty, underpowered Corolla FWD

Little movie on auto-x :
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#32 - avih
My old faithful bike was a BMW F650 (98) which i used 7 yeard, and I just bought a new Suzuki DL650... still in run-in :/
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tristan you say not evn a subaru kept up with you round the bends.. well this is because 1 of 2 things applied..

1. the subaru was parked up
2. the subaru was a battered old estate..

subarus are built for rallys thereore there 'handling' is prety much spot on..
Nope - this Subura Impreza was moving. And he was trying. We waved to each other when he turned off too - it's great when people acknowledge a good road-race (even if he did struggle against a hairdressers car).
Quote from tristancliffe :There's a reason it wins Best Handling Car of the Year awards, against Caterhams, Porsches, Ferraris, Nobles etc. Might not be the quickest in a straight line, but so far I've found very few cars that are quicker on the road. Last week an Impreza couldn't keep up with me (twisty road), and I've had a Boxster S only just keep in front due to strategically placed straights (where he disappeared).

A lowered hatchback will never be quite that capable, no matter what you do to it really...

I'm sorry but I have been in a mx-5 roadster, track set up lotus elise (bit scary on the roads) and an mk indy and I don't want to offend anyone but the indy and the elise were much quicker on country b-roads. Granted the indy probably has the lowest top speed, but in corners it just flies through and the acceleration is awesome. The same can be said with the elise. The mx-5 felt the slowest, maybe just because it was more refined. Who gave it 'best handling car of the year' award?
Impreza's are pretty understeered cars, everybody knows that. Unless it has DCCD, it'll understeer even more then any current fwd hothatch
The one that springs to mind is Evo, but plenty of other magazines run Porsches, Lotuses, Caterhams, Mazdas together to find the best HANDLING.

Not the best grip, or fastest, but best handling.

However, on the road, the confidence that handling gives means you can drive harder with less risk than a nervous or twitchy car, or one without any feel.

I've also driven an Elise (but not for long), and have done plenty of miles in them as a passanger. (My Dad borrowed one for a few weeks cos they wanted to borrow our Stratos) The Elise simply has more grip, but 99.9% of drivers on the road will not be able to use all the grip, because the Elise either understeers or oversteers unless you know the car inside out (i.e. only a few lotus test drivers I know are very quick in the. Most lose time sliding around or understeering everywhere).

The same applies to Imprezas, Boxsters, Caterhams etc. They have a lot of power, and a tendancy to either oversteer or understter. They also have more ultimate grip. However, MX-5's are so balanced that you can use more of the potential of the car, and keep up with stuff that should disappear.

The MX-5 is NOT the quickest car A-B or on the track. I am not saying that. It would be crazy to think that. But because of it's virtues in handling, it can keep most cars, with most drivers, in touch.

Lowering a car, or fitting stiffer springs, or wider tyres is doubtful to improve HANDLING, although grip will probably increase (I say probably). However, because of the worse handling, or peculiar handling on the limits, it's no surprise that boy racers have a lot of crashes. If the cars handled nicely they would probably (again, probably) be able to correct most accident involking slides.
Good reply sir, I now clearly see what you mean by handling as opposed to grip and speed. I'll check through my evos to see if I can find the article. Have to say though, I find the indy (my dad's) or the elise (next door neighbors) more fun to ride in although I can see how hard they are to drive on their limits (spun the elise on a roundabout more than once). Just my opinion though.
Well, picture tells more than thousand words, a 1600cc Lada:

Quote from DeadWolfBones :

You have an el camino? I envy you

I'd love to own one of those, but I'm in the UK (and still don't have a driving liscense)

stock Volvo 850 GLT with a homebuilt carPC inside... mmm, understeer.
My bike...
Edit: hmm I cant read..."-Post your car" and what do I do illepall
This is my or... or will be when finished
(a somewhat modified SRX-6)
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srx back 640-480.jpg

This is my car at the moment till I'm 17 then I can get the faster version

Is that the version with pedals, or is that what you hope to upgrade to?
#47 - mr_x
Quote from keiran :

This is my car at the moment till I'm 17 then I can get the faster version


nice car m8
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Quote from tristancliffe :Is that the version with pedals, or is that what you hope to upgrade to?

No I'm affraid this one is without pedals Thats an extra with these cars, same with the power steering. Hopefully I can afford the type R version soon which has pedals :eek:

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