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SUIT & Glove Skins
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Quote :Try to keep the chatter to a minimum, new people are viewing this thread to find themselves a nice skin, they don't need to scroll through pages of text to finally find something. If you want to comment on someone's skin, that is fine, but please... everyone is exploring their own creativity and personal tastes, so be supportive.

Hello all,
I post some suits too but THERE ARE NOT MINE !! I think they've all been done by Tonix. I thougth it would be a shame for this topic to miss these big pieces of art. I use them ingame and the render is quiet exellent. These suits should be the default one's in lfs.

Another great job done by Tonix! Thank to him!
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@llew: very tidy work friend, good job.
Police suit
I made a police is my first suit hope you like itI fixed the police suit. updated the police suit suitB copy suitB
2.past suitB in your pic folder
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Looks good, but can't you change the position of the badge so it doesn't overlap with the writing? Or change the position of the writing?
Looking good enough for LFS, but as he sais, if it`s possible, try to move the stuff a little Would look better too I belive.
where do i save this too? and how do i select it in the game?
Quote from nismoman :where do i save this too? and how do i select it in the game?

The helmets go in your lfs data/skins folder, and suits go in the data/pic folder.

Once you`ve put them in there, open LFS and select "Options" then "Player"

Underneath your driver on the right side, you`ll be able to select your suit with the left and right arrows, and below that, you can select your helmet.
thank you so much

where do gloves go?
Gloves go into the 'pic' folder.

Name them with the same letter as the suit you'll be using.

For e.g. GLOVEB, with SUITB.

well i got the helmet...but i cant change my suit i went to player but there is no option to change your suit just to change your person from boy to girl
Sorry for the delay. Here's the Sauber BMW suit and suit pack with seat belts.

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seatbelt_pack.rar - 1.8 MB - 735 views

Wow, what do you do? Scan in suits or something?
Scan in suits? Not sure what you mean. I just try to get as much reference pictures as possible in high resolution, gather all the logos needed, draw the design and restart the LFS like million times to get the logos placement and lines linked together properly. BMW suit still has some bugs, but i just don't have nor the will nor the knowledge how to fix them, because it seems that left and right arm aren't perfectly symmetrical.

I just hope they will add the suit cmx to the cmx viewer soon, that would make the suit skinning easier.
great job tonix
keep up
I meant put the suits in a scanner Just a joke...
BEAUTIFUL! Is there any chance we can get a shading template from you?
Fabulous work, mate!
Quote from MAGGOT :BEAUTIFUL! Is there any chance we can get a shading template from you?

Absolutely, it is available here:

There are three basic layers included: black, white and blue suit. You should be able to get any other color using various color changing techniques. I find the best and the fastest way to do that with Hue/Saturation. This technique is explained here.

I also stongly recommend using Bunta's race suit pro kit which you can find here.

That's about it. I hope to see many new and unique suits. :thumb3d:
police suit
I made a police suit hope you like it
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I moved the badge on the police suit.
W00t, a template Guess I should make myself a couple suits now. Thanks mate!
police racing suits
i've made a couple of police racing suits too and if you colour the gloves skin coloured it looks really good
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SUIT & Glove Skins
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