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SUIT & Glove Skins
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Very nice but another version with seatbelts would be great
Nice good work
Great job Tonix.
Simply awesome!
Extremely cool. Thank's for your hard work
First of all: very nicely done!
Second: I would approve of a version with those fake-belts, they may not look very realistic, but at least a bit better than drivers without belt
Quote from herki :Second: I would approve of a version with those fake-belts, they may not look very realistic, but at least a bit better than drivers without belt

Request acknowledged, i'll make another release with seatbelts shortly.

@all: I'm glad you like them.
Great job, they all look great! But i wont be able to se the great texture, because my grafic card is broke .

It would be golden if you could upload the Photoshop template, ore just the ground texture without anny logos on. Would help alot for team suit skinning.
Just as hard as it is to buy S2 and suport Scavier and the dev crew.

/Sorry for OT
great job tonix
Nice suits, Tonix- thanks!

It's great seeing nice higher-res stuff coming out. These suits are classy
I'm still not sure whether I should even do that. Certainly, when I can get a full pack together, I'll try and pass it somehow onto Eric, and see if there's anything he'd like to use for future updates. I'm still a little worried about suggesting higher-res textures as defaults, because I lack basic knowledge as to what kind of computers the majority of players are using. I think most ppl that comment on the higher-res threads are using upto date hardware- still feels like it's a fairly small percentage of the community which are hammering for more detailed graphics. But as I said, I'm not sure.

Just playing it by ear...

Sorry for further hijacking the thread
nice work! as always...
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Quote from Milan_NBG :Tonix, can u PLEASE post this suit but only background I can put my own stickers on it

uhh, bump?
I just love your work.
where do you put the racing suit
where do you put the racing suit
Go to master skinnerz. It has a suit pro kit.
SUIT & Glove Skins
Post skins here for the: Driver Suit & Gloves

  1. ONLY Post Finished Skins
  2. If you have a screenshot, please post the skin file also (not a requirement, but would be nice).
  3. If you have the files hosted elsewhere, please DO NOT use [IMG] tags for screenshots, etc. It will make the thread load slower for 56k users.
  4. Try to keep the chatter to a minimum, new people are viewing this thread to find themselves a nice skin, they don't need to scroll through pages of text to finally find something. If you want to comment on someone's skin, that is fine, but please... everyone is exploring their own creativity and personal tastes, so be supportive.
Thank You, and happy skinning! :cool:
How to use Suits:

Name Suit: SUITB
Place Suit in: 'Pic' Folder
In Game: Go to options, player, and cycle through suits

For Gloves:
To use them with the same suit, name them GLOVESB and put them in the same folder


Here is the official Degree Three team Apparel.


Click Thumbnails to Enlarge



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Yay! New topic in skins!
I better get started. Anyways llew, that looks amazing.
what do u save the glove and suit skins in?
A quick and simple suit skin from me, .
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Green suit.jpg
These go in your 'pic' Folder.

And LFSNoob, unless you want your gloves to look like latex dishwashing gloves, I suggest you adjust the colours of the glove texture, rather than brushing over the top of it.


SUIT & Glove Skins
(467 posts, started )