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SUIT & Glove Skins
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SUIT & Glove Skins
Proudly presenting the Alpinestars F1-T gloves..
I did these from scratch. My last Sparco gloves were just LFS gloves with Sparco logo, but these are all mine.. .
Wash them after those long endurance races..

Edit: Now there is also a blue version that replace the blue default gloves..
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Now that is some outstanding work Boris, I really really like them!!!

Job well done. Hope you can make some color assortments
if only all the textures could be that nice! good work!
Did you hear that? That was my jaw hitting the floor!!

Think that's impressive? It wasn't - my whole body quickly followed. Now that's impressive.

Fantastic mod, and awesome work Boris.
I am starting to see a trend where LFS really needs more high quality textures, and it is very true. If it uses a lot of memory, we need to find out how much. And seeing how many games requires a fairly good computer and graphics card, these texture edits don't seem to hamper performance much at all.

Keep em comin

BTW, what is default gloves resolution and the resolution of these gloves?
I dont mind high res textures, i have a 256MB Graf card. There should be a mod for people in my position!
Thanks guys, glad you like'em..
I am doing the best i can to edit the stuff that can be edited.. And i really don't see any lost performance after the High res skies, my 1024x1024(300dpi) gloves, and that High res driving suite.. I really hope, we will get some better cockpits, because it can really be done as you see..
thats really nice Any chance of an aplinestars suit?
WOW! They look almost real, great job Boris
Had some FPS drop today.. On a 10 car grid, my FPS drope to ~30..
Not sure is it because of the gloves, or something else, because i changed some LFS settings the other day, that Haze effect, i put it ON, and some other stuff..
So if any of you notice some FPS drop after putting these gloves, let me know..

Quote from Tweaker :BTW, what is default gloves resolution and the resolution of these gloves?

The default gloves are 256x256(72dpi), mine are 1024x1024(300dpi) ..

Anyway, test, and see if there is a need for a 512x512..

EDIT: My FPS is exactly the same as with the default gloves..Tested with full grid, 30 fps with and without them, so no FPS loss with Alpinestars..
Great Work. Thanks. :bowdown:
#13 - axus
Great work indeed, a driver suit with that quality would go down nicely too (hint, hint)
i need alpinestar suit:eek: :up:
Great work! Although.....

It maybe me (probably!), but I've extracted the gloves into the data\dds folder (taking a backup of but they don't appear in game. Where do I select them from?
Quote from Zero7 :Great work! Although.....

It maybe me (probably!), but I've extracted the gloves into the data\dds folder (taking a backup of but they don't appear in game. Where do I select them from?

You got two types of gloves in the game.. GlovesA and GlovesB..
Change the racing suite in the Player menu, till you see the gloves..
Added the blue version in the first post..
The blue looks way to blue, if you know what i mean. Sort of hurts my eyes :-X
Beautful job! I agree, though, that the blue is almost neon and could possibly be toned down (unless of course that's how strikingly blue they are in real life).

This along with your steering wheel is starting to make the interior view much more pleasing, but now the low-res center consoles and other interior bits stick out like a sore thumb!
You were right about the blue.. It was too neon..
I edited the first post again, and added the new blue version.. I thinks it's good now..
Anyway, i find my driving and the whole immersion about the game, rised up u notch, since i am no longer using that blured gloves and wheel..
This high res make overs really do make a difference..
I really hope Eric is doing something about the cockpits, and the modeling in general..
It would be really nice if we get some better cockpits, and in higher resolution, because as you can see, we don't suffer any FPS drop after these higher res modifications..
I know that wasn't that high priority when they released the Alpha, but i hope that it will be in some further updates..
I couldn't belive how more satisfying my driving was, after i did these couple of modifications.. Glad you guys are enjoying them too..
Awsome work........I think this is the most noticeable texture upgrade I've seen, keep it up!
#22 - axus
Quite a lot of suit requests... any plans for doing something about those?
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Just in case someone (Boris?) wants to make an Alpinestars suit, here is a collection of them - I like the GP Tech Suit more myself, but whatever.

Same page (Demon Tweeks) but for Alpinestars gloves here.
@ Tristan
Those pictures are very low res...
Anyway.. it's not like you see your suite while driving, you just see the part of it, from the elbow, to the gloves.. I might do that part tonight at work... if i find some higher resolution pictures..
F1 Honda Racing suit
I've made new Honda F1 Racing (BAR Honda) suit. I've used high resolution driver suit made by felplacerad as a base and sleeves from alpinestars suit made by Boris Lozac.


Complete pack also includes Honda F1 skin by Dino Lippi, Alpinestars gloves by Boris Lozac and Jenson Button's helmet painted by Gobby.

Suit is in attachment. You can change the name of it and replace last letter B with any of these: G, O, R, X. I also attached Button's helmets in British and UK versions because Gobby posted them in old RSC forum.

Comments are welcome.

- tonix
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SUIT & Glove Skins
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