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SUIT & Glove Skins
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I moved the badge on the police suit.
W00t, a template Guess I should make myself a couple suits now. Thanks mate!
police racing suits
i've made a couple of police racing suits too and if you colour the gloves skin coloured it looks really good
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#179 - xrs
Please, one question for everyone:

Could the other racers see my suit? No, really? Is that like the dds(wheels, etc)?

Thank you!
Quote from xrs :Could the other racers see my suit? No, really? Is that like the dds(wheels, etc)?

No, others can't see suit/gloves skins. Unless of course they have downloaded them too.
#181 - xrs
Quote from geeman1 :No, others can't see suit/gloves skins. Unless of course they have downloaded them too.

Thanks for the explanation To the other user, too.

The suit/glove skin that you introduce in LFS folder doesn't overwrite other skins that are put actually? So, you can copy all of you want?

I ask that because if you can put all suits you want, maybe you can upload your team's suit to your league's forum to make them save it.

Thanks another time!
HL Racing's Suit and Glove

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Quote from ])R!FT4L!FE :Hello . . . i made this suit last night and i wanted 2 show u guys it srry no downloads 4 it yet still beta : : : The suit has real hands but i still have 2 work on them and . . . . just open pic and see

If its not finished then why have you posted it in a finished skins thread and not a WIP thread???
Don't blame him, there is so few suit's skin that it doesn't really matter. But I admit that you're right.

Anyway this suit look like jhon travolta
tnx bro, i finished his helmet also, i'll post it

Good work !!
Prety accurate replica of he's suit.
Yes you can, just download the suits you like and put them in "data\pic".

There is SUIT_B, G, R, S and X.
Quote from FlyeThemoon :I have question this orange suit who have this suit in menu to chose suit i cant find this orange suit?

think this is what your after.

Quote from llew :How to use Suits:

Name Suit: SUITB
Place Suit in: 'Pic' Folder
In Game: Go to options, player, and cycle through suits

For Gloves:
To use them with the same suit, name them GLOVESB and put them in the same folder

There is NO difference between yours and falkentaka's skins
Quote from falkentaka :I tried to make the K.Tsuchiya suit and gloves but i couldn't find all sponsors for the suit.

the only sponsor from the suit is Bridgestone logo that goes across the back. also, the stripe that goes along the front goes all the way around. i've attached a photo of what i mean.

if you can figure out how to add those things, the suit would most definately be complete.
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Quote from Gabe163 :i Have another version of Keiichi Tsuchiya's Suit.
Its really close to the last one (which is great btw) but my friend made it.

I also have the AE86 for the XRT if anyone wants it PM me.

lmao ripper, you should get banned for stealing my skins, also i made the ae86 tsuchiya skin :smash3d::bananadea
Can sb please do a 2007 ferrari skin from Kimi or Felipe???

Both would be best

Thank you!!!!!!!
Lewis hamalton suit and gloves
Quote from DanHolman :Can somebody make me a suit (Lewis hamalton) and gloves please
I have a pic: ... 2F&ei=UTF-8&src=p
Please like that and gloves.

Quote from FlyeThemoon :Renault 2006 F1 SUIT and Gloves Giancarlo Fisichella Helmet I cant find it somebody makes for me SUIT and Gloves and Giancarlo Fisichella 2006 Helmet .

There is a thread that is for requests, this thread is for "FINISHED suit and glove skins". I don't mean to moan but when i see a new post in the FINISHED suit and gloves skins thread i get all excited hoping that someone has made a nice new suit skin, then i open the thread to see that no, someone hasn't made a new suit skin they have just simply ignored the thread title, which by the way is "Suit and glove skins" and is found in the Finished skins section!

*excuse my rant
Quote from Rish :Try here! ------->

SUIT & Glove Skins
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