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SUIT & Glove Skins
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#76 - joen
Quote from tonix :Ferrari suit is finally finished. Sorry for the delay, i was quite busy lately. ATM there is only tobacco version, later i'll make non-tobacco version too. There are two suits in the zip file, one with the seatbelt and one without. I also made Ferrari gloves which you will find in attachment. Previews:

Comments are welcome. I hope you like it .

- tonix

Quality work
The stitches on the legs part look very much how they are on real suits. Why did you make them less appearent on the arms though? Or does the game make them look weird?
I haven't yet tested these in-game so it could just be the pictures.
But a great job nonetheless
that is really just ... AMAZING!!! Great job mate!
#78 - MR_B
:O Wow... how is it possible to create the stitches effect?
I would just recommend that the shoes be darkened a bit. The only time you ever see the shoes exposed is when choosing a driver skin and helmet. Elsewhere, it is underneath in the car, and it should be dark there to make it look correct. Otherwise you have a driver that looks really fake and out of place whilst driving in my opinion.
I downloaded thos gloves, and then i added the file in dds folder. But the gloves didn't work in game?
Quote from Boris Lozac :You got two types of gloves in the game.. GlovesA and GlovesB..
Change the racing suite in the Player menu, till you see the gloves..

This worked for me...
#82 - Jakg
Quote from Andr0me :I downloaded thos gloves, and then i added the file in dds folder. But the gloves didn't work in game?

try changing suits...
Yep, thx mates
My helmet sponsor is all Alpinestars!!!
Wow amazing work Boris luv em
#86 - MR_B
:O wow! thanks

You're a dude and a half!
Wow... these suits are pretty amazing
Cheers for the Kimi suit but really, that Honda suit just takes the piss lol don't want to post any of my attempts now! Good work guys and thanks!
Quote from tonix :I've made new Honda F1 Racing (BAR Honda) suit. I've used high resolution driver suit made by felplacerad as a base and sleeves from alpinestars suit made by Boris Lozac.


Complete pack also includes Honda F1 skin by Dino Lippi, Alpinestars gloves by Boris Lozac and Jenson Button's helmet painted by Gobby.

Suit is in attachment. You can change the name of it and replace last letter B with any of these: G, O, R, X. I also attached Button's helmets in British and UK versions because Gobby posted them in old RSC forum.

Comments are welcome.

- tonix

One question , Where do i save them at
Quote from lllAE86lll :One question , Where do i save them at


you will be asked to overwrite the existing files, so you might just want to backup the originals before you do.
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Man those suit's are BEAUTIFULL!

Can someone make Renault and Red Bull?

And don't say I have a crack because i just have XRT F1 look-a-likes, so the suit is nice in the normal car too!

just wanted to say i'm working on a completely new suit textures. Preview is available in the attachment (just ignore logos on the chest, they will be replaced).

- tonix
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Wow, it's looking great, can't wait! (svaka cast! )
#94 - MR_B
Oh wow excellent, great to see this thread back to life
Nice texture work there tonix, that`s looking great.
My 1. suit skin
my 1. suit skin and got a question must i upload suits and gloves or are they automatic " uploaded when i overwrite them cuz when u have a car skin u must upload the skin.
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and a 1st glove skin
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Driver suits and gloves can not be distributed via LFS World, others will not see your particular suit unless they install it manually.

Edit, didn't see your new skin until now tonix, looking good!
the 1st suit was not good
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when i make the "sponsors" on my suit they are sooo big how can i make that they are little and not all on the suit

SUIT & Glove Skins
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