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hmm i dont know
so can someone please help me? for some reason the textures are all giant like the gaugues don't fit properly any help will be usefull
Not working. Clicking on LFSLazy.exe to start and nothing is happening.

nevermind im idiot
Quote from Mikus1212 :Not working. Clicking on LFSLazy.exe to start and nothing is happening.

nevermind im idiot

click is not enoght, needs double click lol
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The dashboard isn't working for me, literally nothing happens when I enable it and /o dash doesn't work as well.
6T link, please. Thank's.
i try to install lfs lazy on my win 10 pc but it don't want to open lfs lazy i have don de install like in de description but noting.

if i want to open it thant noting happens.

do i somting wrong or not??

mabey more people have this isue
Before opening LFSLazy.exe, open LFS and type „/insim 29999“ in LFS (or whatever port you wish to use).
it opens, but it just wants to autoupdate...and autoupdate download failed :/
hello, new lfs update had its dash resolution updated. it messed with all my dashes. how to fix it? or do i need to make new one for every single on since it has new resolution?
Hi guys i need 0.6R version of lfslazy cant find it anywhere and the links posted here are expired so i cant download it please help thanks!
link in first post is now fixed
I don´t wanna be a nagger, but the dropbox link is dead. Or I am just stupid. - could be the second option.

It would be great, if you could fix it. I really appreciated lfslazy years ago.
Not work here too.
Can you please fix link? Dropbox is dead
After typing "/insim 29999" ingame in the chat, nothing happened first. I found out that the config dialog only showed up when LFS runs in window mode (not full screen). So I installed again, run LFS in window and then it worked. Maybe that helps somebody else.

But I am still stuck because I dont know what to enter for adminpass and pubstats. Somebody told me "create an identkey" but I dont know how / where. Can somebody help me please? Thx. Smile
Thank You Racon! Smile
Download link gives an "Error (404) We can't find the page you're looking for."
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For those who still want it, here's a working version of LFSLazy for 0.6U Smile

Don't forget to type /insim 29999 in-game before lauching LFSLazy.exe Thumbs up
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PLS help me, when i chosse the dashboard on lfslazy menu this appears: error d3dx9_43.dll was not found on your computer

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