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Have been off from LFS recently, due indirect problems and other interests. But surely I am still here as much as possible. Recently tried to obtain some WR's back.
The S2 release was the most exciting thing I have ever witnessed in the internet on par with UT2003. That's the origin of my avatar. Pressing F5 until the finger bled waiting the S2 to go live.
I missed my 10 year mark by... 10 months. Face -> palm

With that said, time to disappear again. Wave
Im also a returner. Raced 2004-2009 What puzzles me now is that there is nobody racing GTR cars online anymore. Shrug
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Quote from bo-kristiansen :Im also a returner. Raced 2004-2009 What puzzles me now is that there is nobody racing GTR cars online anymore. Shrug

Now and then there is some GTR activity on !NT Racing server. Also SRT has some events with GTR cars, for example this one couple of weeks ago
Bit late to the party but still here.

Racer name: Kringle
haven't played in a while but holy heck -16 Aug 2003 LFS S1 license-

so happy these guys have spent as much time as they have on this game
Since about 2 weeks this account is 15 years old (and still going... just not as often as before).
Sometimes words can't tell how thankful one can be to 3 dudes.
Almost 12 years myself....
My own account (that I made myself) is only 3 years old, but the accounts my dad made for me are nearly 12 years old Smile
I can't even determine how old my original account is.

Edit: LFSW says 14 years as of February 10th of this year. That's a long time.
I had played the demo since the early days and only in 2008 I decided to by S2. No regrets at all and after a hiatus of a few years, I've started racing again. Bloody slow (1.36.5 average on BF with XFG) but whenever I am home I'm having a race or 10 Big grin
Been around a decade or more I guess. Have always enjoyed LFS and always will. Enjoy the skill and attitude of the devs. It still feels like a "garage project" and a damn good one, that is. InSim did a lot to keep me here and I still check forums once and a while. I guess AC and ACC had my attention for the last couple of years.

Good to see Scawen/Eric/Victor spending some more time on LFS. I can only praise the dedication put into this and hope to see some old horses geting back to LFS in a couple of years when improvements have been implemented - right Mr Joerge Alves?
Quote from Big Daddy :- games are actually for children -

Some games out there are really for adult audience, it's basically an interactive movie with story, much more interesting compared to the majority of last decade Hollywood trash and marvel bs movies etc, you should know that so you won't buy games with mature content for your childrens or grand childrens Wink.

Open your mind and don't let yourself caught in simplistic stereotype.
After ~4 years (per LFS World) away from Live For Speed, I fired it up this past weekend out of some longing curiosity.

Having upgraded from a $50, 10 year old wheel to something 30 times that, I do think the force feedback it a bit too numb (or maybe tracks too smooth) and the cars a bit too grippy after breaking traction, but I'm almost worried the physics reached the perfect equilibrium between realistic and fun.

The thing I've always liked about LFS is that it mixed everyone with everyone and really let the servers/community dictate how races should be sorted. Even this past weekend I was in 25+ car races where you end up with 3-4-5 cars that are right on pace with you and battling for position. You don't get that in other sims without the series investment of joining a league, and I don't think I've ever played any game where the casual soft bump-n-rub is so acceptable as LFS. In fact, my years of LFS hsve probably gotten me in trouble in other games because I got so comfortable running close to everyone else.

To date it is still the most enjoyable game I have ever played and probably the best entertainment investment I have ever made, considering that I still long for it 13 years on.

If only RSC had lasted too. They are still my "primary sponsor" on my liveries!
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Doubt anyone here even remembers me lol
9 Jul 2003 Smile
1st post in 15 years! Looking
Not using much of your licence?
Quote from Eclipsed :1st post in 15 years! Looking
Not using much of your licence?

Was not a forum before on the game and the game was alomst dead at one point.
Now just wanted to check what is new and just see that he is back to live Smile
Now need to buy a new sterring wheel.
Quote from THE WIZARD DK :i would host one such server. only. i have no knowledge of how insim works . atleast not yet. and i guess my popularity in these forums also exclude me from getting help to it from users.

You never asked on forum how to Wink. Its pretty simple.
(just might give it a try and ask on forum the problems u ran into)
Quote from NotAnIllusion :No love for Southern Cross Racing? Sarsippius, chaz, scottie. The team that first got me interested in following leagues in LFS.

It's kinda funny to come back here and see my name mentioned although this post is now 4 years old Smile

I'm surprised how many of the old names I still recognise from back in the day.

The memory is hazy now 15 years on but I first got into the Demo I think sometime just prior to or just after S1 and was very active for around 5 years. The aussie community back then was great with many teams, many great races and rivalries. Some of us are still kicking around on I'm sure some will remember ARSE from the RSC days.

I will always have fond memories of LFS but after 5 years and few updates it lost the appeal it once had and iRacing came out and I never looked back. There have been a few breaks but I'm still racing every week over there. I was never an alien capable of WRs but I do ok for myself.

I came back here and did some races about 4 years ago when I got a DK2 and iRacing hadn't implemented VR support yet. It was fun but unfortunately LFS can't really offer much at all anymore in comparison.

Anyway hi to anyone who I used to know or race against and who may still remember who I am Smile

My name is Duane Burns for anyone who is on iRacing and may know me from over there Thumbs up
Quote from Thunderhead :Doubt anyone here even remembers me lol

I remember you! You participated in iCON Touring Car Championship, and made a promo/intro for the first season of it and raced with us in it.
hello and goodbye!
hi there, just checking in, still waiting for the new tire physics Smile

A whole decade
(202 posts, started )