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A whole decade
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A whole decade
Wow, much time, very memories.

My 10th year LFS anniversary, I feel old, I still remember being 14, in my mums living room begging her to use her credit card to buy me LFS S1. Starting off being a typical first corner crasher at full speed ram. Now abusing anyone who does it. LFS has been apart of me growing up, can't wait for S3.

That is all
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I agree FPVaaron although mine is now "LFS is a part of me growing old" as I enter my 11th year on here and 12th year in LFS

Welcome to the club
Passed half of my life with LFS
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Here's to another 10 years! :eclipsee_
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Wow I am on my 10th year as well! Time flies!
Next year will be my 10th driving around in LFS (albeit only occasionally nowadays). Can't believe that's about half of my life passed so quick!
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this thing still exists? lol
9 years here, incredible how LFS have changed my lifestyle, even though it is just a computer software, heh
What I find incredible Unknown, is that even after all this time, I think, well it is for me, its not just the software that keeps people coming back, but the fantastic group of friends I have met along the way

this is what i said many times before,when we get to the end of the beta and s3 the game will be 20 years old and most of us will die already
Ahh another LFS old timers thread

Count me in

I too still lurk
hmmm, how long lurking? profile says 11 years
another lurker
Well, I haven't been around long on this forum, but I was cruising around since 2002-2003, mostly offline. Damn, that's more than half of my life actually.
Quote from SparkeyDave :Count me in

Quote from rich uk :I too still lurk

Quote from mrbogeyman :how long lurking? profile says 11 years

Quote from B2B@300 :another lurker

Yay Hi Fellow Lurkers now how about you start Lurking around the tracks

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Join Date: Mar 2007

Pics or it didn't happen.

No need, as I do not care. But I have told somewhat my LFS History in somewhere here, but I think it is at least 2 years old topic so, good luck to find it out

EDIT: And when I started, I was a damn dummy kid, with no knowledge of this world of lifestyle, but now when I have grown up strongly, I am pretty much a different person. Of course, I can't change my history about what it has been...

...but the question is, do I really want to change then, if talking like this?

- No
Quote from UnknownMaster21 :No need, as I do not care. But I have told somewhat my LFS History in somewhere here, but I think it is at least 2 years old topic so, good luck to find it out


Your words:

Quote :As I got informed about LFS in 2005 and got .exe from KotiMikro -magazine (Kompuutteri Kaikille was earlier), never able though to play on serious face because we had no chance to get internet, anyway I played Single Player sometimes. @ 2006 I played Multiplayer and 2008 S2.

Quote from UnknownMaster21 :Yes, as I can calculate, it is as 9th year started, or?

Yes, you were correct , just found the thread for you
Quote from Chriship :Yes, you were correct , just found the thread for you

Good, and thank you, you were definetily a fast one at least in these forums ( hah! )
Unknown, people, the "new" people go by the join date on here, what "they" forget is LFS was born before and we all talking on the RSC Forum's.

Just because your date says xxxx on here, doesn't mean diddly squat, its when you first found LFS, and I know, you was one of the Early Bird's

I will mention some names here that don't show up anymore on here and I wonder who would know who they are: Actually no I won't, let have a little game here shall we....



A whole decade
(202 posts, started )