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Cars we wanna see in S3
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I want the Volkswagen Scirocco Dead banana
We ask for one or some new cars no matter what, we ask that the game go ahead and do not lose players just like this is happening because it is not new.
Always +1 for trucks, but I dunno what the score would be with the extra wheels.

...and while we're here, whatever those things are in the Lucas Oil Off Road Series ( I want one!
I would love to see some old Formel cars like in rfactor2
Spark f1-f2-f3
These cars are brilliant and make so much fun to drive. I would say its one of my absolute favorite in the racing Simworld.
Fiat Tofaş Doğan SLX
Electric cars.
Few choices: DTM and Škoda Monte Carlo (Fabia)
Quote from PusicDrift :Few choices: DTM and Škoda Monte Carlo (Fabia)

You've had the S2 cars for a weekend, use them Wink
Quote from kristofferandersen :You've had the S2 cars for a weekend, use them Wink

Don't worry im using them, but i just added suggestion to see racing cars like Audi, BMW, Mecedes and few others. Smile
I want another F1 car. Maybe a fictional one complying with the 2017 rules (minus DRS, for obvious reasons), or perhaps a more old-school one (V10 era or maybe even an '80s style car).
I would like to see some some sort of sporty UF1,like UF1 GT,with a 1.4l or a 1.6l engine,i think that would be awesome!

I bet a lot of suggestions have been made so Im just throwing my 2 cents in as to what a complete revamp of the LFS cars could look like. Here are my ideas:

New XF: A small hatch that is roughly the size of the Ford Fiesta. It resembles the Citroen DS3 with 3 variants and 2 body styles

XF GTi - A 1.6 naturally aspirated, inline 4,FWD hatch with 125kw. 5 door
XF Turbo - A 1.9 litre turbo,inline 4, AWD hatch with 190kw. 3 door
XFR - A FWD racing version styled in the fashion of the WTCC cars. 3 door

. . .

New XR: A small coupe that resembles the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ. It has 3 variants, RWD and one body style.

XR S - A 2.0 naturally aspirated, inline 4, with 140kw
XR Turbo - A 2.5 turbo, inline 6,with 235kw
XRR - An inline 6 turbo racing GT variant

. . .

New UF: a small city car that resemble the Fiat 500 with 3 Variants and 2 body styles.

UF Carina - 1.4 litre,inline 4,FWD, 80kw, Convertible
UF Turbo - 1.0 litre, FWD, Turbo,flat twin, 125kw, 3 door
UFR - 1.6 litre, FWD, Turbo racing version

. . .

New FX: Small family sedan that resembles variants of the Kia 'Ceed/Koup in 3 body styles.

FX Si - 1.9 liter, N/A flat 4, FWD, 145kw. 4 door sedan
FX Turbo - 2.3 litre,Turbo flat 4, FWD, 230kw. 5 door wagon and 2 door coupe
FXR - Flat 4 Turbo Racing version. 2 door coupe

. . .

New RB: Small AWD coupe that resembles the 2010 Quattro Concept Coupe.

RB Sport - 2.0 liter, N/A inline 5, AWD, 140kw
RB Turbo - 2.2 litre, Turbo inline 5, AWD, 235kw
RB RS - 2.5 litre, Turbo inline 5, AWD, 320kw

. . .

CX: new RWD Family saloon that resembles a contemporary premium German

CX Turbo - 2.0 liter, Turbo Diesel inline 4, RWD, 155kw. 4 door sedan
CX V6 - 3.2 liter, N/A V6, RWD, 250kw. 4 door sedan and 5 door wagon
CX GTS - 4.0 liter, N/A V8, RWD, 325kw. 2 door coupe and 5 door wagon
CXR - V8 RWD Race car. 2 door coupe

. . .

TX: new 2 door, RWD, 4-seater, sports car that resembles the Mustang, with traditional live axle muscle car suspension.

TX V6 - 3.5 litre, N/A V6, RWD, 240kw. Coupe and Convertible
TX GT - 5.8 litre, N/A V8, RWD, 335kw. Coupe only
TXR - V8 RWD race car.

. . .

MX: new Mid engined sports car that resembles the Lotus Evora.

MX S - 2.2 litre, Turbo inline 5, RWD, 235kw. Convertible
MXR - RWD racecar. Coupe

. . .

New FZ: Resembles the new 991 911.

FZ S - 3.6 litre, N/A flat 6, RWD, 240kw. Coupe
FZ 4 - 2.8 litre, Turbo flat 4, AWD, 245kw. Convertible
FZ GTS - 4.0 litre, N/A flat 6, RWD, 320kw. Coupe
FZ Turbo - 3.6 litre, Turbo flat 6, AWD, 375kw. Coupe
FZR - N/A, RWD racing variant

. . .

RR: new mid engined Supercar resembling the McLaren P1

RR - 4.1 litre, Turbo V12, AWD, 530kw. Convertible
RRR - RWD racing variant
F1 car with either 2017 regulations or 2014-2016 regulations (minus kers and drs)
I would love to see stock cars like those in NASCAR series.
Other than that an AE86, V8 pickups like Holden Commodore SS UTE and some sort of a van for giggles would be fun to have.
Dodge viper

Audi r8

C3 corvette stingray

Third Gen Camaro v8

Just some ideas.
I seriously doubt real cars coming into LFS without modding support. Maybe new cars would have similarities (Like the FZ5, looks like a Porche and a 350 in one I think)

Anyway, personally I'd like to see a LMP style car

Since then LFS le mans can happen! But na, I dunno how these things work, but honestly they'd be serious fun to drive.
XRD and diesel <3
Japanese cars! and German
So obviously the drifting scene is massive in LFS so why not add cars like Nissans s13's, s14, s15, Bmw's like e30, e36, e46, Audi, Mercedes they don't have to be drift cars but just so they look like real life cars. thats what i would like. More realism with the models as phisics are amazing allready. Thanks
i really want to see a bugatti in lfs and some brazilian cars? (brazilian cars not will added i know ;-; )
Quote from mmaa623 :How about road cars with trailers or caravans in LFS? Big grin

As a banger racer*, I'd love to see caravans added... but I dunno how Scawen would cope with their flimsiness though, or the shedding of parts all over the track, or the ending up with a car sat on the remains of a caravan being towed around Big grin

I'm also interested in a car trailer, or the much-easier-to-add flatbed truck. I'm sure the cruisers would love that too for recovery, but I just want to drive cars onto moving ramps, italian job style (empty Coach with ramps also good Big grin ).

*I should really give us a proper plug while I'm mentioning us anyway Wink LFS Bangers, every Friday at 8pm UK time, rules/signup/etc at
Not actually cars, but I'd love to see motorcycles added to LFS, doesn't matter if real or fictional. Same goes for trucks and vans.
2017 Honda Accord Touring

3.5l V6, 278hp, 252lb-ft torque

Cars we wanna see in S3
(4612 posts, started )