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Cars we wanna see in S3
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XRT Drift edition? Tongue
I would like few different parameters in a FF menu to combine and get different feels, better this than more cars
Quote from F.C.Barcelona :I would like few different parameters in a FF menu to combine and get different feels, better this than more cars

are you sure that would be enough to bring you back after 2 years not racing online, its not much to have stopped someone
Quote from kruise :Hello.

I bet a lot of suggestions have been made so Im just throwing my 2 cents in as to what a complete revamp of the LFS cars could look like. Here are my ideas:

New XF: A small hatch that is roughly the size of the Ford Fiesta. It resembles the Citroen DS3 with 3 variants and 2 body styles

XF GTi - A 1.6 naturally aspirated, inline 4,FWD hatch with 125kw. 5 door
XF Turbo - A 1.9 litre turbo,inline 4, AWD hatch with 190kw. 3 door
XFR - A FWD racing version styled in the fashion of the WTCC cars. 3 door

. . .

New XR: A small coupe that resembles the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ. It has 3 variants, RWD and one body style.

XR S - A 2.0 naturally aspirated, inline 4, with 140kw
XR Turbo - A 2.5 turbo, inline 6,with 235kw
XRR - An inline 6 turbo racing GT variant

. . .

New UF: a small city car that resemble the Fiat 500 with 3 Variants and 2 body styles.

UF Carina - 1.4 litre,inline 4,FWD, 80kw, Convertible
UF Turbo - 1.0 litre, FWD, Turbo,flat twin, 125kw, 3 door
UFR - 1.6 litre, FWD, Turbo racing version

. . .

New FX: Small family sedan that resembles variants of the Kia 'Ceed/Koup in 3 body styles.

FX Si - 1.9 liter, N/A flat 4, FWD, 145kw. 4 door sedan
FX Turbo - 2.3 litre,Turbo flat 4, FWD, 230kw. 5 door wagon and 2 door coupe
FXR - Flat 4 Turbo Racing version. 2 door coupe

. . .

New RB: Small AWD coupe that resembles the 2010 Quattro Concept Coupe.

RB Sport - 2.0 liter, N/A inline 5, AWD, 140kw
RB Turbo - 2.2 litre, Turbo inline 5, AWD, 235kw
RB RS - 2.5 litre, Turbo inline 5, AWD, 320kw

. . .

CX: new RWD Family saloon that resembles a contemporary premium German

CX Turbo - 2.0 liter, Turbo Diesel inline 4, RWD, 155kw. 4 door sedan
CX V6 - 3.2 liter, N/A V6, RWD, 250kw. 4 door sedan and 5 door wagon
CX GTS - 4.0 liter, N/A V8, RWD, 325kw. 2 door coupe and 5 door wagon
CXR - V8 RWD Race car. 2 door coupe

. . .

TX: new 2 door, RWD, 4-seater, sports car that resembles the Mustang, with traditional live axle muscle car suspension.

TX V6 - 3.5 litre, N/A V6, RWD, 240kw. Coupe and Convertible
TX GT - 5.8 litre, N/A V8, RWD, 335kw. Coupe only
TXR - V8 RWD race car.

. . .

MX: new Mid engined sports car that resembles the Lotus Evora.

MX S - 2.2 litre, Turbo inline 5, RWD, 235kw. Convertible
MXR - RWD racecar. Coupe

. . .

New FZ: Resembles the new 991 911.

FZ S - 3.6 litre, N/A flat 6, RWD, 240kw. Coupe
FZ 4 - 2.8 litre, Turbo flat 4, AWD, 245kw. Convertible
FZ GTS - 4.0 litre, N/A flat 6, RWD, 320kw. Coupe
FZ Turbo - 3.6 litre, Turbo flat 6, AWD, 375kw. Coupe
FZR - N/A, RWD racing variant

. . .

RR: new mid engined Supercar resembling the McLaren P1

RR - 4.1 litre, Turbo V12, AWD, 530kw. Convertible
RRR - RWD racing variant

Hey pssst. . . Someone tell the devs to do this
I would love to see some of the BMW race cars like the z4 GT3 or the m8 gte, and I Imagen that they still have the licence for BMW.

And on the other note: don't take this the wrong way but does any of the developers ever read this forum?
Electric version of the popular XFG.
  • Drive: Front engined, front wheel drive
  • Engine: Synchronous electric motor
  • Power: 86 kW (115 bhp) @ 2500 rpm
  • Torque: 250 Nm (96 lbft) @ 100 rpm
  • Total-Mass: 920 kg (2076 lbs)
  • Power-weight: 90 W/kg (124 bhp/ton)
  • Weight dist: 56.9 F 43.1 R
  • Battery capacity: 100 kWh
  • Suspension Front: MacPherson Strut
  • Rear: Trailing Arm
With regenarative breaking, new HUD suitable for electric race cars, new setup options (1-2-3 gears) to tweak electric parameters.

V8 Supercars (Ford Falcon) or Time Attack cars (MCA Hammerhead)
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I would like to the Volkswagen Scirocco.
It just needs a racing sedan on slicks. FXO in race trim, so we have a touring car with 1000kg and 300hp.
GT3s? (FXR@32%, FZR@28% and XRR@34% are all 300bhp/t and 1100kg),
GT2s? (FXR@23%, FZR@20% and XRR@24% are around 330bhp/t)
we need small cars like miata

and big cars like...
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An old 60s f1 car maybe?
Literally anything new...
NASCAR vehicle.
NASA vehicle. Big grin
more car bodies, so that the player himself can choose what he needs, all-wheel drive pack (gtr 32, wrx 1992-2000, r35 gtr), rear-wheel drive (
like mazda rx7 or toyota supra), it’s not necessary that they look like real prototypes, just collect different legends from group С and groups B, and other cult machines, for example, their technical parameters, weight distribution, tire contact patch, power torque, add rain and snow with ice as a road surface.
mitsubishi starion / XRT_ AWD version , as i just discovered they made protos to be raced in group-B rally class , unfortunatly they never got to race before class was baned .... but a awd xrt , pretty simple addon , has a different front end with foglights
I wouldn't mind a hybrid race car, something like and LMP1 or a modern F1, perhaps something with DRS would be nice as well.
Universal Concept Car
Universal concept car (UC) with all possible options to define (car body mesh, mass, aerodynamics, engine torque and power, drive ratio, etc.) and server-defined races that accept a specific type of UC.
kartcross!!!! pleaaaaaaaaase
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R plis
rampant rabbit

oh wrong forum Big grin
I’d definitely would like to see some kind of LMP style prototype car, not necessarily a hybrid, I imagine that’s pretty difficult to program. Also a electric formula car and touringcar would be awesome Smile
Track editor? Like beamng Smile

Cars we wanna see in S3
(4449 posts, started )