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Found myself a clean little MX-6 RS... going to build a daily driver out of it over the next few months, something like this. Got it for 800€ since the drivers side CV axle needs replacing.

Nice! I used to borrow a MX3 V6 as a daily, the best FWD car I've ever driven. Is this the 2.5 V6?
2.0l inline 4, wanted this engine specifically. Have nightmares about working on V6 FWD cars, rather something simple and lightweight.
Not bad for 4€.

And now I'm waiting for Boris to ask me what year is it...

EDIT: Also this for 8€ for my mother.

for my gf coz the laptop broke

13"-14" laptop with FullHD display in 2014 under 900€? Almost impossible.

Asus TP300LD

Volcom Corps. (with smaller logo on mine)


Yes, but these are my first, so the case too (the cap on mine is blue). I should have found a different picture, I know...
CAT boots

Bought these on Steam:

The latter is great, albeit a bit short for the main operation. That being said, it is supposed to be the "Tanker" chapter to the main MGSV storyline (think back to MGS2, Tanker was ~1-2 hours, then there was the main game with Raiden).
I know. But I still wanted to enjoy a new installment of Metal Gear Solid, as I don't have ps3 and still haven't played the MGS4 though.. But I have finished MGS 2&3 on my PS2 multiple times and enjoyed it every time
It's fun, and makes me eager for MGSV proper.

Qpad MK-80 With Cherry MX Red's.


Some logitech z333's

For £50, these are really good.

Picked this up for a great price. It had one bad ignition coil but otherwise, it is a good runner. Sadly I still haven't had my replacement coil delivered yet due to the holidays.
Bought these

And made this

Those are hella light.
Obscuring your number plate, cool idea...
Police haven't said anything about it, when they do I'll move it
Must be a very dark country you live in...

Post your Last Purchase!
(7017 posts, started )