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Quote from 13OB :Bought these

And made this

The state of that...embarrassing
Quote from Ian.H :Pick this up in about 5 days time..



Big heap "eh" shite
Someone has a bad morning. Is it the time of the month again?

☑ Hornet 600
☑ Summer hype
Can't wait for it to arrive

Yes, it comes with a 80+ pages manual...

I have been spending too much money recently

Everyone ran out of money?

Anyway, back on topic...
Huawei Ascend G6 + bluetooth speaker - 2.5€
Quote from matijapkc :Everyone ran out of money?

Nah... Smile

Great fun:

To fix my ASR-10 rack sampler:

To clean my records:

To make my drums sound better:
too much to keep my car on the road... TÜV can suck at certain mileages.


And this:

All of it comes after bricking my old Mobo on a bad BIOS update, so I figured I should upgrade a bit while I was at it.
Is that actually still for sale, or is it secondhand or something?
Quote from Bose321 :Is that actually still for sale, or is it secondhand or something?

Everything but the cooler was used, the Mobo was taken out of a lightly used build according to the seller.

For $5 more I could have bought a brand new Q9550, but they were untested, so I figured I'd save some money and have the assurance that I'm getting a working CPU.
How much did this cost you, if I may ask? I'm looking for an upgrade, but I still hope mainstream DDR4 (together with new Intel CPU's) will be affordable, because X99 is a little overkill right now, and I feel like I would buy old tech if I would get DDR3 right now.
Game Stock Car Extreme

Hopefully a step up from my 650 ti

Since most of my milage is on the motorway I guess it's time to get rid of all the vibrations Big grin
A pair of earphones, Skullcandy "The Fix"... I'll test them on Tuesday at the office and gym.

One of these as my Huawei is getting old:

Can't say much about it yet,as it requires micro sim,until now I could still use standart one with old phone,but first impression is that the thing is really fast.
Sennheiser HD 558
Attached images
£40 worth of these

And the rest of the house to go with it... I am officially poor.
Samsung 850 Evo 128GB

AOC i2757Fm
I saw an AOC monitor just like that one on Craigslist yesterday, It's really a beautiful piece of hardware.

I hope you two are happy together. Big grin
Quote from majod :
AOC i2757Fm

I've got an AOC 23" screen similar to that one. It's a nice screen, I do have an issue with the colours being ever so slightly too far on the red side (and have done since owning it). I've recently discovered that it overclocks to 75hz without any problems at all. No extra heat or messed up pixels at all. Smile

Post your Last Purchase!
(7016 posts, started )