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Haile, there's a name I haven't seen in a while

@ accakut

lol some good ones.
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On yt

I currently have no skin on my left calf, caused by 3rd degree burn from setting my pants on fire. I know how much pain this bitch will endure. Good, she deserves that.

insider joke i guess?
Great, Norway whent full retard again.
That's a completely normal video.

For Norwegian standards.

Which means super crazy for normal people.
Quote from The Very End :Great, Norway whent full retard again.

and like with your Army Harlem Shake the viewcount goes through the roof

but great parody on all the bad/same sounding 'Dance' hits
their dubstep song was also brilliant: [someone like me , been looking for a new hit from them.
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Dark Humour.... he he he....

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