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Since we veered this thread off topic, maybe we should start "The Inevitable Gun and Kinder Egg Debate Thread?"
Quote from Braien93 :

I believe that bringing an assault rifle to school is more frowned upon than bringing that book.



Remy Galliard at finest

Is "Flamy" for real?
Poor kids having to live with such pain and scarring.
Quote from AndRand :Sky tweeting

Obviously the release of the smoke is computer-controlled (the world's biggest dot-matrix printer.. ) but is it five planes in formation or one plane with five smoke generators?
5 planes.
**** you :faint:
Quote from flymike91 :I have already answered every point made to me with facts and statistics that prove I am right by all measurable factors especially the ones that are germane to the debate:gun ownership and gun crime. Find some of your own statistics if you want to make a point. Otherwise you are evidently wrong, and being unarmed doesn't make you safer from attack. You knew that in the back of your mind somewhere.

The best gun control scheme ever devised couldn't hope to be as effective as gun liberalization has been over the last 20 years but we get absolutely no credit for making the progress we are criticized for not making...good progress doesn't get reported anyway so it doesn't exist to you. Americans have struggled and lobbied to make this country safer for everybody and have been successful in eradicating more than half of all gun crime in spite of gun control measures passed by Congress. At what point will Britons say we have done enough? When we have doubled our current rate of violent crime to match theirs? This shit is rigged. Maybe Europeans like watching isolated tragedies from rural areas in the US because it vindicates their belief that they live in a gun free crime free utopia. I wouldn't know I don't watch the daily news in foreign languages like a sociopath.

Actually I'm with you on this, Mike...
I think you should liberate it even more to get the level of gun crime even more down.
Start selling bazookas in supermarkets to people from Monday on
I think we should, in the interest of allowing every free man, woman, child, convicted criminal, paroled criminal and dog; the right to purchase a nuke or 5. Maybe throw in a 12-er of Budweiser free with every 2 nukes purchased, and a free handgun if you buy 5 nukes. A blue child sized handgun if you buy 7 nukes and donate to the "Fight Gun Violence" society.

That way we can ensure the ability to protect ourselves in case of danger.
HEY MIKE, IF EVERYONE HAD A GUN THAT WOULD MEAN LESS SHOOTINGS RIGHT!?!? I mean, you put out a fire with another fire, of course it doesn't just make one big giant fire... I mean that would be stupid.
Quote from [RCG]Boosted :5 planes.

yes, this is 5 planes.
but I wonder - that could be fine service to tweet in the sky with cropduster or an airplane dragging several sprays
ie. sms someone with "look for answer in the skies"

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