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I don't really follow this thread Saw this yestreday for the first time
Quote from -NightFly- :yeh also in chezh, polish, macedonian, lithuanian (sort of), croatian, bulgaria, esperanto...

word kino comes from german language shortened form of Kinematograph just like word cinema comes from french word cinématographe. Staph inventing stuff...

And what do you think kinematic is? Dumbass. It's "science of motion".

They all come from the Greek 'Kinetikos'.
Probably posted before,but who knows,can't resist to share...

I wanna know what the thing about Kim Kardashian looking like an Octomom says...
Good roads
^ nice one

Mr. Buscemi is back.

Would be funny if it was true I guess.
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The internet...

highly gifted? shes got a pretty cute face

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