The online racing simulator
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Ye... It would have made my day... but You know...

Now - where is front view!
(Omar1) DELETED by Victor : Malicous link
Quote from Omar1 :removed bad link

don't click this, eaten 8GB of RAM in few seconds
Quote from Omar1 :stupid link

Wow really funny man. I hope you get an infraction for shit like this.

Do not click it.
sorry guys, it's not malicious though..
Well it made my pc crash, and I lost all of my precious data that was open, so I'd call it pretty malicious.
This should be worth a infraction.

What did Omar's link go to?
probably some mem eater program.

new idea for Klutch
Quote from Gougoodthing :What did Omar's link go to?

To some web page, which shows button and when you press it, it just endlessly open new tabs. Seriously slow down your PC, and you lost all your work because you cant find it in million of tabs
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Hahaha. Inb4 Victor or Eric gets mad
Yay, dolan.

GTFO this thread with your crap.
thank god new dolan free page

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