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Quote from CheerioDM :I am not always trolling. You can just never tell if I'm being serious.
And I don't have much respect for human life because we cause all the problems and haven't been able to coexist for thousands of years.
With the population growing so much it can only help to lose so many people by accident.

Reported for animal abuse.
Quote :Please Mike, shut up, you give Muricans a bad name in a world where they are known as thick.

You have no point of disagreement, no facts to dispute mine. You have nothing why should I care what you say?

Every day that passes proves that gun control is a failed idea. There will be more guns and less crime tomorrow than there was today or the day before and it is because people have guns, not the opposite. Gun ownership has never been higher, gun homicide has never been lower. The murder rate has dropped 10% just since the assault weapons ban was lifted in 2004. All the evidence suggests that people are less likely to die by gunfire the less government does to prevent legal ownership of firearms.

Lol @ too much freedom too many guns lowest gun crime rate since 1965.

This is a graph of UK gun ownership vs violent crime. After the UK was effectively disarmed, the violent crime rate continued to rise and today is almost twice as high as the US according to data collected by the UK Home Office.

Germans can't own guns for protection anymore so they only use them for avant-garde WWII reenactments
Can you guys seriously shut the **** up and stop polluting this thread jesus ****.
For real mike?

How can you defend your century old 'tradition' of killing native Americans by having guns and allowing children to possess them?
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Both cos the gif cycles like 3 images back and forth.
I have already answered every point made to me with facts and statistics that prove I am right by all measurable factors especially the ones that are germane to the debate:gun ownership and gun crime. Find some of your own statistics if you want to make a point. Otherwise you are evidently wrong, and being unarmed doesn't make you safer from attack. You knew that in the back of your mind somewhere.

The best gun control scheme ever devised couldn't hope to be as effective as gun liberalization has been over the last 20 years but we get absolutely no credit for making the progress we are criticized for not making...good progress doesn't get reported anyway so it doesn't exist to you. Americans have struggled and lobbied to make this country safer for everybody and have been successful in eradicating more than half of all gun crime in spite of gun control measures passed by Congress. At what point will Britons say we have done enough? When we have doubled our current rate of violent crime to match theirs? This shit is rigged. Maybe Europeans like watching isolated tragedies from rural areas in the US because it vindicates their belief that they live in a gun free crime free utopia. I wouldn't know I don't watch the daily news in foreign languages like a sociopath.
I thought this was a thread for "funny" pictures.
Please don't turn this into one of those threads... just make another thread so this one doesn't become locked.

Fine. Just remember I never said there weren't some actual boozey redneck gun owners in the US.

W8 wat?
From now on Scavier will be referred to as BILLIE JOE JIMBOB.
Why am I not surprised that Mike is from Texas and protects his guns?
Also I bet he has a pickup truck.
More pictures:

Also Mike has a mullet, wears a vest and a trucker hat.
And in his free time he kills hookers.
Is this really true? Kinder surprise,dodgeball and a fairytail book are banned there? Why not ban bicycles,playgrounds and swimming pools too? These are even more dangerous...
With this attitude in 10 years children gonna walk around wrapped in bubble wrap and with full-head helmets,if they will be allowed to walk around at all.
But atleast they can carry guns with them.
ban kids!

You're welcome.
I feel like this hasn't veen posted in a while.
Dennis93, you're welcome.
Thanks Braien93.

Quote from Braien93 :'murica, yeah!!

Quote from Braien93 :Why am I not surprised that Mike is from Texas and protects his guns?
Also I bet he has a pickup truck.
More pictures:

Wait... Are these ads pro or anti-gun control?

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