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Thats dangerous nowadays, thats like C-C-C-C-C-Combo Sexual Harassment Suit or worse
Quote from chupacabras84 :thats dangerous nowadays, thats like c-c-c-c-c-combo sexual harassment suit or worse

:d :d :d

Andrew WK is awesome. I touched his hair once.

What the **** happens in the fish GIF?
i don't know, It looks like some bug the fish tried to eat

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lol there's good ones there..

show 'em grandpa

about 10 min i found it
Sniper in camuflage in middle of picture?
Edit: More to the top right corner, beside the big rock.
Ahh found it, took a while No TVE
All I see is the sniper/rifleman with a hat in the top-rightish bit :\
Quote from CrAZySkyPimp :Ahh found it, took a while No TVE

Is there a skelleton i the picture? Seems like it, in the dark area.

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