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Quote from dawesdust_12 :Tor would stick it in the exhaust.

I would stick it up your exhaust pipe, that's for sure.
Quote from The Very End :I would stick it up your exhaust pipe, that's for sure.

Yeah, but that's cause I'm a FILF.Forumer I'd like to ****
Friend Id like to ****?
Faggot I want to ****?
No. Go home.
new Barcelona sponsor
Yeah, 7Down would make more sense.


...aaaand I got a game for you

Take more than 10 people.
Now you can choose one of two moves (S)afe or (R)isky - ie. put €1 coin on table to the budget and cover it with hand, with heads for (R) and tails for (S).
(R) with Risky you will take back your €1 if majority took Safe. Otherwise you leave it in the budget
(S) with Safe you will always get: 100 cents * number of Risky players / number of players
You can write down payoff and take it after tour of iterations from budget.

You will ask why you get not more than €1? Didnt I mention... budget
In fact budget should be sufficient with 50c put on table and payoffs as described.

Jeroom ftw

Agniz, you have a shit sense of humour, go away pls....
Not a single funny.. ok maybe the baloon.
nice to see you made progress with paint

another one for Tor:

You'd notice, but only outside. In this picture it's giving the impression a house will become infested with flies and spiders because frogs protect us from attack.

In reality these flies only live for like 1 week probably less and there will probably just be a cycle of 3 noticeable flies in your home and any one time (if you're weird enough to just leave them free roaming in your house).
The fck, Tyson?
No shit sherlock..

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