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Got it for $120 just before Christmas... Not bad for a $400 phone that's only been out 2 months...

So far, I love it. Better than the piece of crap iPhone in every way so far. (Even things that I initially didn't like have turned out better)
Best designed phone

I also bought the Acro S and Xperia T gave them both away to my dad and mum because of the thickness.

I'm waiting for the Xperia Z, which looks really stunning
Quote from Boris Lozac :That's an ugly looking desktop

The screenshot doesn't do it justice. It looks a lot nicer on a 4 inch screen than on a monitor. After I posted I thought 'ugh, that looks like shit..'

Yes, it's a little cluttered, but it has the stuff I use every day on the front page without me having to piss about finding them, and a big clock so I can just pull it out of my pocket and put it back to check the time without having to hold it closer to my face.

Got it for 6 months. Now I can't wait to get Galaxy 4
That's an expensive looking soap..
I have Nexus s but i will have Nexus 7 on march
I'm still using my trusty iPhone 4. I've had it for around 2½ years now and it still has yet to let me down.

Still using Samsung Monte, extremely resistant phone if you ask me(if you exclude the battery), but i'm looking for something smarter and with proper os (android). Currently thinking between Sony Xperia S and Samsung s2, would consider also s3 if it wouldn't look so god damn ugly...
s3 rul4z
ordered s2
Quote from kars19 :s3 rul4z

Why you cluttering desktop with google search? Just long hold left soft key for google search
Nokia E5
Windows Phone 7.8 update is available!!! :banana:

Its absof***inglutely amazing!
I'm probably gonna buy a new phone this month and I can't decide which one. It's gonna be either HTC One S or Galaxy Mini III. I know the HTC is better but it's also like 100$ more. So, any suggestions?
I have the HTC one S and I have no bad things to say about it. It's my second HTC and I prefer it more than Samsung, but if there's sbd with that Samsung, tell about it. At least I can suggest you buying this one S
Just got one of these:

It's actually rather good, better than expected after reading the nitpicky anti-Sony reviews. Jelly Bean due this week, which will be nice
I'm loving those new Sony phones, there's too much of them though and they all look the same, but still a nice design.
Too bad it's Sony though.

I'm gonna grab a Samsung GSIII I think.
What do you mean, what's wrong with Sony
I got a HTC Windows phone 8S and its actually really nice, I went to the shop to buy a iPhone but win 8 is just too sexy
Was finally able to order a Nexus 4! Recieved it two days after ordering, not bad considering it was 1-2 week delivery.

Post your phone
(403 posts, started )