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3D LFS renders
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Can you export a whole track at once, or am I doing something wrong since I only have a part of it.

Seems to run fine though on my old rig.

Here's some fast crappy shot at Fernbay.
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just Shift + U and put the camera very far away, where you can see the whole track before exporting

Quote from Taavi(EST) :Weird, i have an i5 2500k and 4Gb of ram. Did not encounter a huge slowdown, it's a bit choppy (~10-20 fps) with all the viewports displayed, but when i maximize the viewport it's silky smooth. No idea what causes the slowdown for you. Any custom textures used?

I don't think it's textures fault, moving the camera etc is smooth too, but when I select some objects it freezes, and I try to render, it spend almost more time "Updating instances" than trully rendering...
I think im using this last 2 years?
Best iv seen so far..
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Hehe cool to see my skin there.
U got some new render skins for desktop ?
pretty nice renders guys
wait for my renders
i used 3DRipperDX to export Blackwood track and xrg
it's set to capture textures too but when i import it to 3ds max i can't see any textures at all . not even when i render
i checked material list and unfortunately there is not materials at all
any ideas ?
You have to put the textures by your self or even show 3dsmax where it have to find it.
I just import the file and everything works.
it should work by its own
the problem is i will have to assign each object a material then a texture
because there is no materials at all
thanks anyway
dunno if I understand correctly your problem, but try this:

you can go in materials, and press the "Standard" button and go on "Scene Materials" and chose one by one "Multi/Sub-object" and press "make instance"
Two renders for Flame.
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rendering is fun :D
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GTR TRR render.jpg
Quote from Slovakia ring :__________

Really nice otherwise but that diffuser on the back looks weird There's no textures or shade on it
Got a little bored, tried some silly things...
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XRT TE37_8 (2).jpg
Moved Hiromi's render and related posts to here. I hope it's OK
Ok I hope Hiromi will finally learn where to post renders .... And Hiromi I told you on skype you non-listener :|
Quote from F1 mainiac :Ok I hope Hiromi will finally learn where to post renders .... And Hiromi I told you on skype you non-listener :|


Here's another render because I got bored.
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looks good mate!
Request by the sir above.
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thank you mate!

3D LFS renders
(8234 posts, started )