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3D LFS renders
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Quote from kingpitbull :I am having the same issue with sfmgr. It just crashes. Vista un installed it, now it won't reinstall. Any help?

What are you trying to do? Install what in what?
did it got blocked by antivir? mine in win7 sometimes wont work and i have to click like 10 times on it to install it again.
Here a Render from My Caterham R500 pack
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LX& HD r500 edit.jpg
I have brazil installed in max 8 on Vista. It worked fine, other than I had to run the batch file to start it once in awhile. Now Vista totally removed sfmgr.exe, and it won't reinstall, the batch file installer just crashes with a windows error saying that sfmgr.exe has stopped working, then windows closes it. It won't install or anything now. As far as I can tell, it's all unblocked from all AV and spyware apps.
Thanks iFast.
I'm glad to see that more people have started to model stuff . Here's some improvements to XRR scene:

It's looking good Mogster.

Will you be adding a few more panel lines/gaps to the car?
Thanks. I'm not sure what you mean. Some of the panel lines might be hidden because of the intense lighting.

EDIT: Another:

2nd shot the paint looks kinda coarse...i dunno if it's meant to be a metallic, but it seems like a huge flake size. Model looks good tho
Quote from Crommi :Question for you Blender users, is there any way to export out of Blender to some common format like .obj AND preserve smoothing groups?

I can't figure out how to do it and fixing an RB4 looking like this would take a while:

well you could add a Subsurf modifier.
More testing:

Quote from John5200 :well you could add a Subsurf modifier.

It ruins the model. Trust me, I've tried.
Quote from mogster :More testing:

I don't know why but they look kinda low quality to me (images, not model) :s
Yeah I kinda agree Shadowww, but you could be a bit more specific. I'm having trouble makin that white paint look good. It looks so plain. More tweakin needed...
Add some glosiness, studio hdr and you'll have some nice reflection that will make it look not so plain
Not paint, the lightning :3
Ok thanks for the input. Here's more testing:

Reflections are really random at some points :P
Hmm, that looks sweet.

3D LFS renders
(8234 posts, started )