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3D LFS renders
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Quote from LineR32 :Your missing the headlights.

yes, but i dunno why the scene is from ds-autos

nice rims beefy perfect match with the car/skin
Looks quite good Beefy.
Tryed a totaly diffrent model technic for this wheel, much easier and it doesn't look to bad i think, tell me what you think

btw, thanks to beefy for trying to help me, I didn't use your scene but thanks anyhow, it's appriciated
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BBS wannabe kind of.jpg
Update for S13 scene.

Yes, i hit the pole.
Lol, that's what i said in other forums.
Yes, that's what im trying to do tomorrow.
By the way, can anyone could suggest some tutorial about that ?
Quote from Gustix :Jonaz it looks very good
but maybe add some brakes?

Yes I will model some brakes and maybe some tires in 3d tomorrow
@ Airone: Nice work
wtf happend with the hood? looks like there was a hail(?)
Another one...
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Quote from Töki (HUN) :Another one...

Is it a building? Is it a airplane? No, it's the XRR rear wing!
No seriously.. :P There is something about those XRR lights that look kinda funny.. or is it me? probably me..
XR's look very sad with the lights up.
I made those lights. They look better at an angle, just not head on, not much I can do about the shape of them though.
XRT Front Light and Interior
I did some upgrades on my XRT (SKIN by DESIGN DUDES just for presentation)

i put some front lights together, mirrored parts of the interrior and did some texturing....

what do u think?
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XRT front.jpg
XRT interior.jpg
XRT front lights on.jpg
XRT front lights side.jpg
i think its sehr schön!
Quote from Gustix :Made new rims by request

PIAA Super Rozza

Done in Blender

Damn, you learned this from some ''Blender'' tutorial ? If not, then give me that 3ds please ..
Phil, could i get that lights? Looks much better then chromed ones ..
gustix if i send some request to you, could you make me some rims then? ^^
Quote from Gustix :I'm not making rims from tutorial

itsphilthy if u turn the wheels than u should turn the steering wheel too

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XRT steering issue.jpg
Quote from feat :
Phil, could i get that lights? Looks much better then chromed ones ..

yes u can....just klick....
and take them out of this car...model a cube (extrude,...) to fix the holes and areas around.....
thats what i done...
Okey, so I continued on my XRT.. Still has some flaws, but critics are welcome..
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Hope it's got some airbags or hydro's, other wise that cannon will be coming off at the 1st speed hump.
If you will remove that horrible lights, wing and wheels it will look ok.
No, it will look like basic XRT.
yeah the rear lights are weird

3D LFS renders
(8234 posts, started )