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3D LFS renders
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Awesome !
Quote from teaz-R :Render by Morrow Designs and a bit of Photoshop work from me:

Second pic and place for comments are waiting you in MD page

Link in signature...:thumbsdow here.
jeezzz that one with ZT skin and my RAC GTR must leave my desk
I found some old skins in my folders ....good old times
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Here one from me :-)
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why didnt u put a lil bit of mesh smooth on it
- that would get rid of sharp edges, nice render tho
mesh smooth on what? what is dupson talking about lol you can't just smooth out a game model by a mouse click you have to remodel the whole car

i like that skin so much though
ye xactly.. a whole shit loads of work...

i starting rebuilding XRR and man its gotten complex.. but hey when its done its all smooth and nice and ready for real render work
My first try making carpark scene...
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Quote :My first try making carpark scene...

lol had the same idea so here my first renders.
i still have problems with the light settings but i will work on it.
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render gar xrt 06 big.jpg
not sure about a garage scene as such; but keep in mind that all light that enters it is either through open sections that come from the top, and most of the light comes in from the sides where it is usually open
on most multilevel carparks, each level is open on all sides; and usually on a single floor, it is often closed completely on one side so.. if that helps
luckily i saw this the other day:
that may help you get where you need to go lighting wise
actually i thought that after importing model to 3dsmax you can apply "mesh smooth" then,

sorry if i was wrong.
well technically you can, but this is what will come out

trust me, this may not look bad, but if you have 3dsmax or anything and smooth it just straight from the cmx model, there are billions of problems all throughout the mesh since its made with triangles; and to ensure a clean smoothed model, polys have to have 4 sides (there are times when triangles are okay, but those are only certain areas under certain conditions)

once again, this may not look bad, but that is only because of the way eric models by splitting each section into a seperate element, which causes the edges in places to be split apart (which occurs due to triangles)

but if this were to be rendered normally with better lighting etc. .. it would look horrid lol
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our servicecar.....just still in progress
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Quote from --PoDo-- :our servicecar.....just still in progress

Cool monster...Podo,

got anymore?!!
Maybe we should make another thread for modz for LFS cars.
I dont know if the lads mind if we would post some "non" LFS modz here...
i wanna share some 2 maybe...
there already is - the custom car thread
on Masterskinnerz yeah.. but here aswell?!
dont know about Master Skinnerz - but theres definately one here!
Quote from Jakg :dont know about Master Skinnerz - but theres definately one here!

link please
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no way those spokes would hold up the wheels lol they are waaaay to thin
im not engineer lolzzz

3D LFS renders
(8487 posts, started )