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Quote from thisnameistaken :In some browsers it degrades to a Flash app, but in modern browsers (certainly recent webkit browsers) it's HTML5. And frankly bloody amazing.

If you're using Internet Explorer maybe this is the time to switch...

I'm using chrome. It must work, but it doesn't.
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I would post an update of where I am with learning guitar, but after 0.3 seconds of consideration I have decided to spare your ears because honestly I am still very much a beginner.

However if any of you are in bands in the UK somewhere in the rough proximity of the east midlands then my latest hobby is making music videos and I need more test subjects to practice on.

Here is the last one I did for Bad Faith.

If your band wants a video making, either live or story type, then fire me a PM and i'll see if we can arrange it.
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You people are so tallented it makes me want to jump out the window when I try to make something.. lol

Well! I finally managed to create something, which has a drum beat even! No bass, but working on it and trying to get myself a real bass so I can play and record instead of using the difficoult interface stuff within Reason program (well not difficoult, but so much easier to be able to play).

Any thoughts about this almost 3 min long song (without text)? ... t-fors-k-med-auto-trommer
^ Very nice!
Really cool! You could add something to that bit from 1:26 tho.
Thanks a lot guys
Yeah the dum-dum-dum deep guitar stuff? Yeah I plan trying to add something more, and get a working bassline! I just struggles finding the right tones, it needs to be deep tones and Reason does not seem to have 'em
Reminds me a bit of the intro to Gimme Shelter.
No idea what that is, but thank you so much for your comments!
I still have no luck trying to find the right bass tones, but meh..
And the song is short, because I don't want it to get to repetative (but preferable it should have been 3-4 mins).

I want this song to have a melanconic / emty feel in the midpart, kind of lonely depressive tones.. but I did some changes to get it a little more lively, also for experience with synt / sync (what you call it?) I tried to make the last chorus a little different with added choir sounds. Probally sounds ass, but hey - at least we're learning?

Again, any feedback would be great!
Edit: lol forgot link:
Nice Vista

I tried making a second thing.. or what you would call it, HERE
****ed up with intereference in the first part after the intro... blergh.. well at least it proves that I made it (since its by far not perfect lolol) xD
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So I finally manage to add a bass line to a song... lol
Well, I still canot figure out how compression / compressor and that shit works..FAWK! Even tho I have a big ass guide it just doesn't seem to do any good when adding it to a song. Either way, my latest thing:

I'm aiming for a song which would put you in a mindset of the universe, big and emty. Therfor I whent full retard on the feedback on the guitar
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