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Lil edited your pic, now rain looks better imo
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I appreciate Your work but below I attach photo of proper rain. Your looks more like snow or dust after volcano eruption or even extremly dirty camera lens I'll stick to mine
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Guess who's back.

Here's a so-called old picture i found. Edited this yesterday.

Edit: Few more images.

yo you guys , i got got a newwwbie question . i cant to save my life , figure how to use the play back settings in lfs and i also cannot get the hidden hud . can someone help me ?
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Hello and welcome

You need to save the replay first. Press the "2" key to save the replay (you will be prompted to name the replay file).

You can select to view a replay by clicking on "replays" on the main screen and then selecting the replay that you want to view.

Once the replay starts running you can hit the spacebar to pause/play. More keys can be found on the LFS Manual.

To show/hide the HUD/on-screen info toggle shift+F.

To play around with the camera views etc., use shift+U and use on-screen menu (shift+U menu can be shown/hidden by pressing the spacebar).
thanks ! you guys will surely see some screenies from me soon !
Hhmm nice shot. Whats that front light texture? Looks awesome..
Nice shot
is there a button in the game to take shots ? i just used print screen , and then edited all of the windows options out LOL .
CTRL+S. Then go to LFS folder>data>shots.
thanks a bunch!
what is better quality, sobis?
thoughts ?

Edited pics
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