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He does stunts.
Is sitting on a chair.
Thinks that the fact is not impressive.
Scratches his leg after that.
Starts breathing manually.
He is totally wrong.
Was no amused of the joke which he replied on.
^My favourite bum.
apparently his dog shits apples
among people that I have never heard of on the LFS forum, has the highest post count.
Is one of the better designers in our humble world
His smile was taken long ago
His dog wants to sit-in apple which is missing one bit
Is from RSR.

EDIT: Ninja'd. Is a new, promising face in a very promising team.
Should really leave LLM as he could be doing a great deal better. Should also stop driving the FX bus all the time.
Is hatin on LLM..
^ location is a secret.
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Has 50 posts
Kenneth O'keefe's personal PR manager.
Has convinced the Leu cat to live with him
Is a gnarly dude.
Is the best team manager.
lives in Hungary.
Likes Transformers
Wants to have my babies.
Still waiting for friday
also doesnt live in the land of santa!!!!
Buys alcohol from Estonia.

Also I live in finland :/ - land of santa?
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )