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3D LFS renders
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here is my new fail render
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xrt fail copy.jpg
Quote from e2mustang :here is my new fail render

I like the setup.

The biggest thing ruining it is the lighting - your light setup gives a confused impression of the lighting such as the shadows that doesnt match with the strongest lightsource, the sun (even though its setting) and you have light on the back of the car as if another car is parked behind it - but it's not working as it should. You probably should have moved the light further away, to get a smoother falloff.

The bright white reflections upo front are simply too white - on a red car - with a yellowish sun. Doesn't match at all. Should look softer too.

also remember that you don't HAVE to cast shadow from all lights. there are 2 shadows that I could see and they just add more to the confusion.
i dont have a sunlight,and no light behind the car. there is small light above the car which if i lighten ,than car is invisible O.O its only a background pic with a fail hdr i cut out from original pic. which i tried rotate million times,but didnt work. thats why i posted fail render
It doesn't matter if there's literally a light behind the car or not. the point was that it looked like there was one - and sure, there can be one, its not like the sun is the only source of light on earth, but it added to the confusion.
ok so what do i do if there are no lights?
mmm maybe its the hdr image itself
Got bored... :sleep1:

First two attachments are a preview of a WIP skin for team iDrift.
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Ye im the badass on there
Peanut rocks!
Quote from Bose321 :Got bored... :sleep1:

Looks awesome (skins as well) Front light removal needs more work though
Thanks. Not sure if it's that, I believe it's the reflections giving the impression it's not that flat.
Quote from Bose321 :Thanks. Not sure if it's that, I believe it's the reflections giving the impression it's not that flat.

Hm.. in that case they look like very poor photoshop brushing job :P
Yeah I know, it doesn't look 100% right, I'll have to find out what's causing it tomorrow.
one of my first renders in vray
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FXR Victor.jpg
What part did you actually do yourself? I doubt you're that good the first try.
Mine is only converted to vray textures to fxr and render
the environment is not mine

Look what we just found hiding in this abandoned place
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Fixed windows and changed rims to something more suiting.
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idwipskinloods2 (fixed).jpg
Quote from Bose321 :Look what we just found hiding in this abandoned place

cool, nice scene
I'll just leave this here.
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das so aawsom

3D LFS renders
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