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Quote from reason0809 :some of my league mates wrote following

then airio would say "You need to drive to be in statistics"

Quote :I wrote the same at 12th February - still no answer...

Today I made a new screenshot... 3 people had a new PB but !top data is not updated...

11.02.21 14:49:44 #2 JMH : 45 SECOND TIME PENALTY
11.02.21 14:49:44 #2 C07P13 jmh - Lap 1 : 2:09.11
11.02.21 14:49:44 #2 C07P13 jmh - PB not saved : Lap not clean...
11.02.21 14:49:44 #2 C07P13 jmh - Finishing race : 2:54.11
11.02.21 14:49:44 #2 Race finishing...
11.02.21 14:49:44 #2 Normal race restart in : 10
11.02.21 14:49:44 #2 JMH : SPECTATED FOR SPEEDING
11.02.21 14:49:44 #2 C31P33 darrajunior - Lap 1 : 2:09.46
11.02.21 14:49:44 #2 C31P33 darrajunior - PB not saved : Lap not clean...
11.02.21 14:49:44 #2 C31P33 darrajunior - Finishing race : 2:09.46
11.02.21 14:49:45 #2 LFSW - new FBM PB by JMH: 2:09.11 (-0:16.36)
11.02.21 14:49:45 #2 C07P13 jmh - Requesting LFSW PB update...
11.02.21 14:49:45 #2 C31P33 darrajunior - Darrajunior : >:3
11.02.21 14:49:45 #2 C07P13 jmh - Leaving race...
11.02.21 14:49:45 #2 C07P00 jmh - Received LFSW PB data : 67
11.02.21 14:49:46 #2 LFSW - new FBM PB by Darrajunior: 2:09.46 (-0:15.58)
11.02.21 14:49:46 #2 C31P33 darrajunior - Requesting LFSW PB update...
11.02.21 14:49:46 #2 C31P33 darrajunior - Receiving results : 1 | False
11.02.21 14:49:46 #2 Darrajunior won the race
11.02.21 14:49:46 #2 JMH finished
11.02.21 14:49:46 #2 Race points - Darrajunior : 5
11.02.21 14:49:48 #2 C07P00 jmh - JMH : :-)
11.02.21 14:49:48 #2 C07P00 jmh - JMH : :-)
11.02.21 14:49:48 #2 C31P33 darrajunior - Darrajunior : LOL
11.02.21 14:49:49 #2 C12P34 sjb - Lap 1 : 2:13.78
11.02.21 14:49:49 #2 C12P34 sjb - PB not saved : Lap not clean...
11.02.21 14:49:49 #2 C12P34 sjb - Finishing race : 2:13.78
11.02.21 14:49:50 #2 LFSW - new FBM PB by SJB: 2:13.78 (-0:23.32)
11.02.21 14:49:50 #2 C12P34 sjb - Requesting LFSW PB update...
11.02.21 14:49:50 #2 C12P34 sjb - Receiving results : 2 | False
11.02.21 14:49:50 #2 DBunnySJB finished 2nd
11.02.21 14:49:50 #2 Race points - DBunnySJB : 4
11.02.21 14:49:51 #2 C31P33 darrajunior - Received LFSW PB data : 273
11.02.21 14:49:51 #2 C12P34 sjb - DBunnySJB : !top
11.02.21 14:49:51 #2 DBunnySJB : !top

Path Check is off (layouts with e.g. driving on grass), with 2.5.0 all worked, since update to 2.5.1 top data is not saved...

Does removing Identkey and disabling of WR times download fix this?

Regards, SJB
# Time (percentage) required for stats comparing to WR - integer
# Players with worse time will not be stored in stats and just
# informed what time they must achieve.
If you're doing layouts you should load the layout using Airio, that way it will save the PBs set on lap 1.
Quote from :Whats the use.. You can never set a fast time from the start grid.

wrong. some layouts you can.
Before 2.5.1 it worked on one lap races too... just wanted to check if its a problem updating existing times or if it doesnt save new times, too (thats why !top is empty for FBM on that track - for GTR we have 50times in !top on there for 1lap)...
Here is a screenshot I posted at 12th February:
1 lap with existing times in !top, but airio doesnt save the new server pb...

And it doesnt update existing times/save new times on other tracks with 2 or more laps, too.

MaxTime=110 => we have this at 200 and airio doesnt say "you have to drive xxx.xx to be server stats" or "path check failed" - it says nothing.

It stopped working since update to 2.5.1 (I added an IdentKey to the cfg and enabled downloading of updated WRs, cause I had to change the config anyway during the update)

And !msg ignores colors since 2.5.1.

Regards, SJB
I removed Identkey and set GetHotlaps and UpdateWR to false now and did !rld and !aini but it still doesnt save new PBs and it doesnt update existings server PBs in !top...
You are only using layouts and you tried loading layouts with Airio as suggested?
A simple fix would be to use the 2.5.0 .exe if that worked before...or maybe just remove the path one else seems to be complaining about 2.5.1 saving pb times.
hm it saved server PBs now with FOX on a FE rallycross track with 3laps but ky2r with 1lap not... I try ky2r with 2laps now...

edit: yeah we load all layouts with rotatetracks since months and path check is disabled

edit2: okay it seems to work again but only if we do 2 or more laps

But I really want colors in !msg back

regards, SJB
Quote from SaMiX :I have see new version Airio 2.5.2. possible to have too?

For now it is a test version, I'll announce it when it is ready. And I really hope admins will be using Airio to improve LFS racing standards and not to spoil and destroy anything good that still remains in this sim, since the developers has deserted it. Lets try to have quality and not quantity, lets fight the bad tendencies, and lets not make them a standard.
I hope 2.5.2 has colors again in !msg command

What about the questions in post #1840 and #1841?

Regards, SJB
I will check that and read all the previous posts!
Quote from SaMiX :what you are looking for exactly? because my servers are in 3 laps, and it not please you?

Take the above as a general statement.
OK, no more comments concerning this matter from me here...
Quote from SJB :What about the questions in post #1840 and #1841?

These posts concerned manual adding/removing/deleting points. I'm afraid there's no simple command that would allow such things. Statistics manipulation via Airio is limited to completely removing certain types of data - user/track/car, total/champ data, playing/driving points, as supported by !del and !rem admin commands.

To achieve the special manipulation you require you have two options:

1) Stopping Airio, manually editing appropriate STA file, saving the changes, starting Airio again. The STA files structure is described here.

2) If SQLite support is enabled, you may do the changes using SQL commands on the database and then apply changes from SQL to STA files using admin !dbe command.

PS: The !msg command is indeed corrected in 2.5.2.
Quote from SaMiX :everyone better understand with your message

The way I see it is EQ puts in way too much time and effort for Airio with very little return.

Everyone understands alright....they understand you're often just a dick.
Quote from SaMiX :Where is the rapport with airio??

If you mean the new version announced and available, it is not ready yet. It now goes through testing, and there is still at least one bug unresolved, so I'll have to work on that.

Quote from SaMiX :occupies you your own affairs and stay polite

Well, true, no need to make a big affair out of this. I have my views concerning LFS development during these lean years and I politely communicated them to Sam. I was (and still am) hoping he can accept some of my reasons and act accordingly.

I do care about LFS and Airio and some recent tendencies completely destroy the original purpose of the application, which was not racing for points/ranks (relatively recent addition), but setting some standards, teaching people, and allowing them to move forward to new goals and achievements.

That's why I'm concerned...

PS: If there are still some unresolved Airio problems, could you people please repeat what was wrong, so that I could take a closer look? I saw some PBs not stored. If that happens again, please be sure to make a copy of log.txt file and append it. Usually the cause can be found there quickly. Then it is possible to see how to correct it.
Quote from SaMiX :but it gives you no right to tell other teams what they should do. everyone is free to the number of laps they want.

So wait, everyone can do whatever laps they want, but EQ Worry can't PM you to share his opinion? I'm sure you don't need me to explain how hypocritical that is...
Quote from EQ Worry :To achieve the special manipulation you require you have two options:

Thank you very much for the explanation

Quote from EQ Worry :I saw some PBs not stored.

At the moment our Airio is saving PBs, but it ignores the first lap:
We did a 2 laps race on our server: in lap 1 I did 1:36.xx and it wasnt saved - in lap 2 I missed the brake point and lost time in the sand -> 1:38.xx in lap 2 and airio wrote "new server pb 1:38.xx" and 1:38.xx appeared in !top - but my first lap was faster

Airio 2.5.1 seems to ignore the first lap

Regards, SJB
Quote from SJB :Airio 2.5.1 seems to ignore the first lap

Yes, you were completely right, it was always ignoring 1st lap. I did a quick correction, hopefully it will not cause breakdown of some other functionality. Uhm...

Airio 2.5.2 is released, as you can see from my signature. It (hopefully) solves all reported issues, even quite rare ones. There is no new major functionality, except stricter requirements for the AIRW database as used by the PROS version. Also all the good/clean laps making online PBs were removed, new ones are already gathering. Good luck!
Quote from CrazyICE :The download links is not correct.

Thanks for the reminder! I updated all links in the original announcement now.

I also have to address one other thing here, and that is the removal of all the "clean online lap times", as they were stored in the database and presented in the form of various tables as AIRW (Airio World) best lap (BL, for standard cars) and world record (WR, for custom restricted cars) data. It made some people very unhappy, and I am really sorry for that. But a month or two ago it was discovered that some of those times were done under undesired conditions and were practically unbeatable with default Airio config used at other servers. So a correction was necessary, as it is present now in Airio PROS version 2.5.2. Again, I'm sorry for this, I realize some people put quite some effort into these "new global" stats. Hopefully, you are more experienced now and have all the sets ready, so it will not take too much time to renew the stats. Overall, these online stats can never be perfect, but new data will be certainly done under much more alike circumstances and thus comparable.
Thank you very much for the update!

My better first laps are now saved again

Regards, SJB
I don't have much problem with erasing all online times as i have with the way airio (in)validates laps. It looks to me that its easier to make clean lfs hotlap than to make clean online lap that airio will agree to save.. I drove some races today, and couldn't make one clean lap in 5 (4 lap) races on aston historic. I then tried to make clean lap by online hotlapping and still coudn't make it "clean".
Airio invalidates laps if you overtake slower cars going not even near them, very often if you touch the grass with one wheel.. and whats most frustrating, it even invalidates laps if you don't follow some "airio racing line" - if you go "wider" through some turns it invalidates lap time?! For example, on as4, if you use whole width of the track (not touching grass offc) on exit of right 90 deg turn (after second straight not the start/finish one), it will invalidate lap..
Checkout this replay: yes i touched tires (more or less) on exit of aston chicane in most laps, but why isn't lap 26.02 valid? Its perfectly clean imo.
My point is.. its damn hard on some tracks (astons, ky3) to make clean laps and now they're all gone. I understood why you removed clean lap times, but can you please at least try to make it more easy (objective) to put lap times back on that list. Appreciate the effort
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