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Quote from VoiD :Conclusion:
NoYellowNodes=72-92 + 160-170

Nice one! I'll put this into the default TCD file. Thanks!

An option for finding such places on other tracks would be to disable safety ratings temporarily, have standard races and then take a look into the LOG file, because every raised and withdrawn yellow flag is now reported together with nodes where this happened.

Quote from Backtrack3d :I am getting a packet write error? Can someone else me to know how to fix it?

Very hard to fix this error. It it bad communication between Airio and LFS server, bad data being received that look almost like LFS packets but are not - decoding rutines process the data assuming they have correct form and fail at that.

This broken communication almost never happens when Airio runs locally, on the same PC where also LFS server(s) run. The less reliable the connection between Airio and server the higher the probability of TCP errors leading to Airio disconnects (and automatic reconnect attempts within 5 minutes).

Practical note: I was getting many such errors when running Airio from my PC through Wi-Fi to very remote servers. The connection was broken every so often - bad packets received turned into errors (captured, reported) in the InSim library, leading to disconnects. The solution is to move Airio closer to the LFS server.
Yea the servers are run off of dedicated servers from WYD, Which are located at a facility in Texas, USA. I'm in the next state over which is Arkansas, USA, and I'm running the Airio tracker from my PC. I'll try and put the Airio Tracker on the Server box itself and run it on there and see if that helps.

Thanks Bud! If i have another question I'll be sure to ask
It will surely help. And never hesitate to ask.

I'm want to do a list of limads on our server using custom commands but I'm wondering if there is a way of getting airio to display the known racername for me if I just supply the username? Just like the !pl supplies both the racer name and username.

Quote from menantoll :... I'm wondering if there is a way of getting airio to display the known racername for me if I just supply the username...

One option is to use !pi username, the output includes nickname as well. And it works the other way too...
is there a way to send one or more message every x(random ?) minutes ?
No, I'm afraid there's no such option currently, could be a nice addition though. One item setting random minutes from/to, other item with messages, one per line, picked up randomly...
yes it would be very cool
Eehhh TimedMotd?
Quote from EQ Worry :One option is to use !pi username, the output includes nickname as well. And it works the other way too...

With that answer I am not sure you understand what I was asking for.

I know how to get the racer names individually but I want airio to display a specific list of them for me by me just supplying the username.

Basically I want to do

UserCommand=la Shows a list of Limads >-1 > %ssm |^3IH^4R ^3Limad List++

At xxxx I want to know if there is a command that I can write the username and airio then displays the racer name (or both) when the command !la is given in the game. Instead of me having to enter

^4(^3IHR^4)^3Killfix, ^4(^3IHR^4)^3Menantoll++
and so on

for each racername I want to display. OK it's easy for just IHR members but we have many limads from many other teams which would make it a pain in the arse to 1. set them up and 2. add new ones.

As airio already can display racer names when usernames are requested and vice versa I wondered if is a simple command to request that.
Would you say that I understand correctly when I say that what you need is basically a command to display all limads (usernames, nicknames, levels) on current server? If so, I guess it would be much easier to include that command as a new one right into Airio instead of trying to create a custom one...
Well that would be superb. Maybe not the levels to non limads though, they don't need to know the levels.
Airio 2.3.8
New Airio contains some long-awaited things such as the options (38 of them) to enforce (enable or disable) personal settings (on first connect or on every connect). The !show command was improved to cover all options and there are new commands to show points of only registered people. Also output of many commands into buttons was visually improved using virtual dynamic tabulators aligning individual items. FULL version contains a commad to display all limads (it is the first command to show partial server setup). PROS version has much improved dynamic handicaps and newly also safety handicaps. The safecaps can be used to slow down (using weight or intake) drivers with bad safety rating. Enjoy!
Problem on Debian Etch
Hello, i try to run Airio for my LFS Server on a Debian 4.0 (Etch) system.
I found some solutions for other problems in this thread, but now i am stuck and somehow nobody else had my problem yet - hummm....
So here it is:
I installed actual free Airio version and mono Version 1.9.1. for Debian Etch and the following packages with apt-get: mono-runtime libmono-corlib2.0-cil libmono-system2.0-cil

I open a screen, browse my Airio install Directory and then type
mono Airio.exe - this is my output then:

sh-3.1$ mono Airio.exe
Airio tracker v. 2.3.8b FREE by EQ Worry
Opening connection : GENERAL ERROR
Opening connection : GENERAL ERROR
ERROR: 10.03.29 13:38:03 - CodePage 1252 not supported
ERROR: 10.03.29 13:39:03 - CodePage 1252 not supported
ERROR: 10.03.29 13:40:03 - CodePage 1252 not supported
ERROR: 10.03.29 13:41:03 - CodePage 1252 not supported
ERROR: 10.03.29 13:42:03 - CodePage 1252 not supported
ERROR: 10.03.29 13:43:03 - CodePage 1252 not supported

And so on.....

Any ideas? Looks like a mono Problem for me, but why is it only me causing this problem and which package do i need to replace/modify?

Ah btw.: I can connect to the server when i run Airio from my home Windows system ( so the Insim port is open)
Quote from schwab :Debian 4.0 (Etch) ... ERROR: 10.03.29 13:38:03 - CodePage 1252 not supported

You're missing Mono libraries with code pages, which Airio requires for correct LFS to Unicode and back conversions. The problem is I'm not able to tell you exactly which libraries are missing. When I was testing this I simply installed all containing "mono" and it worked...

EDIT: Please check out this link:! Aonio uses the same library as Airio, so the requirements are the same...
Thanks libmono-i18n2.0-cil did the job.
The -west- thingy wasn't available for Etch, but it is working now also without it
Thanks for this report/info, it is very valuable for Linux lovers/fans. :-)
(VoiD) DELETED by VoiD
problem solved.

setting error in the local loopback


after I've used the search engine, unfortunately I could find anything about my problem.

maybe someone knows the solution?

When I start up the program.
I get the following error message:

AEGIO ERROR : System.Net.Sockets.SocketException
A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond
at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Receive(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size, SocketFlags socketFlags)
at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Receive(Byte[] buffer)
at LiveForSpeed.InSim.Aegio.Connection.ConnectionOpen(String hostName, Int32 hostPort, String adminPass, String insimName, Char prefixChar, Boolean hostLocal, Boolean keepColours, Boolean sendNodeLap, Boolean sendMultiCar, UInt16 updateInterval, UInt16 udpPort) in c:\Development Files\LFS_Aegio\InSimConnection.cs:line 131
10.04.01 21:21:27 Entering main loop...

laptop p3 1000 Mhz
os win xp
lfs Dedicated Host z28
only the firewall from windows!
no virusscan.
no extra programs in memory
Quote from EQ Worry :FULL version contains a commad to display all limads

Sorry I'm probably being a little bit thick here but what is the command for this?
Quote from z-ro 8 :not until IHR is updated.......

Sorry, me being thick again. I thought we were.

Is there a command I can use to find out the version a server is running?

E: are we waiting on Franky? I know he has problems right now.
Yeah, Sorry.

Airio just updated on the control panel now.

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