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FZ Skins (All)
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Quote from Schuppor :Lately took the time to finish a replication

Top notch work! Vely Nise

@ Kiste, awesome painting there ^^
Thanks all

But nice skins from GAVD and schuppor, too
Thanks all
My new private skin. Hope you like it

Just a quick replica of a Porsche 962 I thought I'd share.
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nice one
ok erm fast FZ for fun

Olz use not so many imgtags. make attachements if you have more then one picture.

To you skin: Hmm i wouldn´t call it skin but maybe you should look at you Nissan logo (back) it is in the edge :/ and your sidevents are "cuttet"?
its things from gtr i had on FZ5
that has nothing to do with my critics. The sidevents are cutted and the logo on back is not in a good position...
Cool painting!
Also great picture you have there!
Wow,nice skin m8,looks like it was mega hard
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Great render and skin. Looks damn sexy.
Really - WOW ! So qualitative and pure skins and pictures ! tfk is now my favorite LFS artist(images,skins,renders).
Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.
tfk - Great, as always. Keep making this awesome stuff.

FZ Skins (All)
(2615 posts, started )